Introducing 3 On The Third

So I have been taking a break from performing full time to work on a little side project that I will share with you soon enough.  While working so hard and heavy on this project, I have missed performing and sharing what I love with you.  These past several months have been quite the roller coaster ride and getting to take out my guitar even if it's just for a minute gives me such a release. I have so many songs in me that are waiting to come out.  In fact, I sat down just the other day and wrote a song in what seemed like only 5 minutes!  It's called "Can We Talk." It's a whimsical take on dealing with loved ones who neglect communication in favor of sweeping things under the rug.  Because of my own spiritual profile, I am exceptionally prone to wrestling with "elephants in the room" no matter how subtle or blatant they may be.  To put it into layman's terms I am not good at not confronting issues.  Some people will live their whole lives not talking about important issues and letting things fester and be very happy, wholesome people.  It's just not me.  It's more painful for me to keep things bottled up inside.  I have lost family members and friends because of this and that's okay with me.  There are a lot of things at work in the spiritual realm and I'd rather not have a person in my space if it means that I can be in a place of balance and freedom instead.  I know this might rub some feathers, but I'd love to hear from you on your thoughts.  Talk back in the comments section and let's keep the discussion going.

In the meantime - back to "Can We Talk"...

As I hashed this song out I thought about you, my supporters who I know would love to hear this song.  I then thought about how much I've missed being on the road and getting to share my music with you.  Since I can't just walk onto anybody's stage or living room stage, right now due to my current responsibilities, the thought hit me to create my very own virtual stage.

I am excited to introduce to you, "3 On The Third" a summer virtual tour series where I will be performing a few songs every third of the month this summer - June, July, and August.  Depending on the reception, I might continue the show on past this summer.  So, I hope you like it and please let me know what you think.  After all, I had you in mind when I created this series.  Love you tons!

Check out the first installment of '3 On The Third' here: