Want to book Anitra Jay for a concert or event? 

Anitra Jay is a R&B/Soul singer-songwriter and poet in Houston, TX and she is willing and ready to travel wherever her music takes her.  Her performances are perfect for house concerts, festivals, concert series, colleges, intimate clubs and restaurants, rehearsal dinners, wine tastings, art exhibits, bookstores, coffee shops, benefits, and anywhere that people want to escape stress.  She plays soulful R&B, Pop, and neo-soul type music with influences from artists like Corrine Bailey Rae, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Barry White, Stevie Wonder, and many more.  She is available to perform anywhere between 30 minutes and three hours including mostly original tunes along with old school classics and contemporary grooves.  Length of performance time is always negotiable.  She can perform acoustically or with a 3 or 4 piece band depending on your requirements.

Is it difficult to book Anitra Jay?

No, not at all.  In fact, it's really quite easy and booking fees are reasonable.  There are a couple things she asks for during her shows:

a) the opportunity to sell CDs and merchandise (so that people can take music home with them and share it with more people)... b) the opportunity to meet and add new people to her VIP list (so they can hear about other interesting events and updates about Anitra)... c) that her travel expenses are covered.  

Anitra Jay prefers to play original music - However, she can include cover tunes from artists in soul, pop, and R&B genres.

What are the fees?

For festivals, restaurants, cafes, art galleries, and special events, fees vary depending on type of event, size of audience/venue and length of performance.  She is willing to work within your budget. Contact booking or request a quote and let’s work something out!!! 

House Concerts

There are no up-front booking fees for house concerts!  In fact, if everything works according to plan, you won't have to pay a dime because donations collected will typically cover the usual fees.  To find out how this works click here.

Charities, Benefits, Fund Raisers, etc...

Fees can vary widely depending on the event.  We suggest one of the three options below...

Option 1 (preferred):  Find a music sponsor to cover the fee.  Then all ticket sales and proceeds can go toward the charity or benefit.  All we ask, aside from the standard fee, is that Anitra can sell CDs and sign people to her mailing list at the event.  

Option 2:  This is intended for smaller organizations who cannot afford the standard fee nor find a sponsor to pay it up front.  We will quote a price as normal, however the charity will pay Anitra at the end of the event using proceeds from the ticket sales.  We will do our best to work within your budget in terms of a price quote.  But, keep in mind, the charity may have to make up the balance if ticket sales are less than standard fees.  Questions?  Contact us here.

See what others are saying about Anitra Jay!

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Option 3: Pro Bono Performance

Anitra Jay is willing to serve her community with no-fee shows throughout the year.  In order to make the most out of every opportunity, Anitra has several criteria when deciding to do a show for free:

-- Causes that support building the Kingdom of God, Women's issues and marriage and family. 
-- Opportunities that will promote Anitra Jay in their printed marketing materials for promotional purposes such as ads, including her bio, etc.
-- When applicable, event planners will still need to cover travel expenses, lodging, and a food stipend especially if the event is outside of Houston (a girl's got to eat and sleep) 
-- Anitra Jay's music is naturally geared to a sit-down audience and does not easily lend itself to background music. So, she would need a dedicated audience, meaning a set aside concert where there are chairs in front of the stage and a specific concert time clearly visible to event patrons as well as making sure there are little to no other competing activities.
-- Permission to record her performance, sell merchandise and collect e-mails from event patrons

--ALSO-- If you can book her for a house concert or some other paid event she would be willing to consider doing your charity event for free.

If your cause meets the above criteria, please contact us with your event details.  


Career Days/School Assemblies/Speaking Engagements

Anitra Jay is available to speak to students for Career Days/Fairs, School Assemblies, in-school field trips or for speaking engagements.  She is very good with students and her speeches are fun, energetic & customizable to fit with any age group.  Anitra Jay even has take-home material for students to continue their experience at home.  Contact us today for a quote.  She will work within your budget!

"Anitra Jay visited my 7th graders. She preformed a song, and talked to them about self-identity. It was such a fabulous interaction for my students, and they still are talking about it 3 weeks later. I was so thankful for her gratitude and selflessness with my students." - Ms O'brien, Teacher





What are Anitra Jay's travel expenses?

If you're in the Houston area (within an hour or so of Houston), there are no travel expenses to worry about.  Otherwise...

In addition to basic fees, travel expenses need to be taken into consideration.  Anitra Jay will go pretty much anywhere in the U.S. to play a concert so long as her basic expenses (air, car rental and accommodations) are covered.  Anitra Jay will fly coach, rent the small-good-mileage cars, and stay in 'value-priced' hotels.  When you contact us, just let us know where you're located and we can give you a general price range of what to expect.  If Anitra Jay can play several events in the same area during the same time, your travel expenses would be even lower.  Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What do I do next?

Request a Quote for a quote specific to your event.  Be sure to include as many details as you can.  And we will get back to you promptly.