Hello Again from Texas

We Moved to Houston!  Our time in Memphis has come to an end and we plan on staying in Houston for the long haul.  If you've been with us since the beginning you're probably wondering why we move around so much.  The answer is, I don't know.  We are free thinkers and creatives and I guess we just haven't been able to stay in one city for longer than 2 years.  We were never quite able to establish strong roots in Charlotte or in Nashville the way we wanted. So now that our move is complete, although we're still not quite settled in yet, I'd like to share my top 5 things I've learned about Houston since moving here.

1. Our new lot was a dog park and a great example of "The Okey Doke".

So we moved into an intentional community where residents share activities and communal areas like a community garden and a chicken co-op.  It's such a great idea and we are totally excited to be a part of this community.  However, the lot we ended up on happens to be the community dog park. The day we moved in, one of our new neighbors asked us if we were comfortable with dogs.  We said, "No, not really. Why?" And he said that the residents use our new lot as a dog park.  Here we have a classic "Okey Doke."  We weren't told that we were moving onto a dog park! We surely would not have agreed to that had we known. I'm not too comfortable with dogs so we had a problem.  Thankfully, we are getting things worked out so that no dogs will be chasing after me.

2.  The drivers in Houston are not that great.

You can tell if a town's drivers are great by the price of car insurance.  Well, our Texas car insurance went up by $20. Driving out in Houston, it doesn't take long to find out why car insurance is so high.  The drivers here are cray cray.

3.  I've never lived in a city that has more than one skyline.

I think there are four or five areas in Houston with sky rise buildings. That goes to show you just how vast the city is.   According to CityMayors.com, Houston is the fourth largest city in America so it makes sense that it would need more than one skyline!

4. Houston, land of the bayous.

When I lived in Charlotte, I absolutely loved all the greenways. You could run, bike, and just enjoy the greenery. Well, Houston's bayous are greenways on steroids.  They are mostly very well kept, a great place for a family stroll along the water in a park like setting, and lots of dog parks! LOL!  If you're ever in Houston, be sure to check out the Buffalo Bayou, it goes right through downtown and it's beautiful!


5.  The Houston music scene is on fire and I can't wait to get involved. I've got a residency gig at Bean's Cafe on Eldridge every third Thursday and I'd love to get some other artists on board with me to do something similar to what we did with The Rebellion.

I'll keep you posted on that.  Stick around, we've got some exciting news coming up and I'm super excited to share it with you.