My Show at Open Eye Cafe

This past weekend Rob and I hit the road for a 3 hour long trip to Carrboro, NC to perform at the Open Eye Cafe.  Fountain Penn, a local Davidson artist joined us for an opening set.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  The place was very nice in a retro-hip sort of way, patrons reading books, or their laptops, and others came just to see the show!  To our very special friends (you know who you are) thanks so much for helping to make the show a success!  Here is the video footage from the evening: [youtube=]


The next day we made our way to Greensboro, NC to fellowship with Love Fellowship Believers Church.  The congregation there was so welcoming and receptive.  They were genuinely happy to have us there and we were equally happy to be there.  Rob and I ended up leading the entire worship service.  We listened to testimonies throughout the worship service and enjoyed listening to Pastor Webb's sermon.  Now we just feel like family!  Thank you Love Believers Fellowship. :)