The Daily Grind - Life as an Indie

I came across this article on about the daily hustle and bustle of an independent musician.  This life is hard no joke, especially if you're making it a career like me.  The article provides a glimpse into the real world of an independent artist.  It's funny how the author describes what the difference is between music as a hobby vs. music as a career.  (These are some of the things I've been saying all along.)  The answer, a person with a business sense is usually career oriented.  Meaning they spend most of their time marketing and promoting when they're not busy creating and practicing.  The person that just wants to play is usually a hobbyist.  Another thing he mentioned was that while music is lots of fun and rewarding, it can be unreliable and lacking stability.  I can attest to that!  That's why I freelance as a graphic designer in between gigs.  

Check out the article here.