Notes from The Natural Girl Tour

The Natural Girl Tour was absolutely amazing.  Rob and I had the pleasure of performing for friends, family, and new fans in Nashville, Memphis, and Tunica this month.  This was my first tour as a musician and I was floored by all the support and positive feedback we received, although it was a very small tour (only three stops). Image

Nashville and Tunica were both shows solely for those with Natural Hair.  My song, "The Natural Hair Song" was the feature of course.  I originally wrote the song to encourage myself to embrace the beauty of my natural God-given tresses.  For so long, I was under the impression that I had to put chemicals in my hair in order to meet the beauty standards of today's society.  So when I decided to go natural, I had to redefine what it means to be beautiful for myself.  So "The Natural Hair Song" celebrates that journey.  What was meant to help myself quickly became an anthem for women across the globe and now I'm traveling to places old and new to share the song in live settings with other like-minded beauties.  And that's how The Natural Girl Tour came to be.

It was so rewarding to see The Natural Hair Song filling joy in their hearts.  Every time I performed the song, people would light up.  I had the pleasure to perform my other songs too!  There was one instance where I performed the song "Today is a Good Day" and people started to sing the song along with me.  It was like they knew the song.  I almost cried.  It's such a blessing to be able to share your gifts with others and see the smile across their faces.  In my case, it's rewarding to see their head bopping to the beat and ultimately to hear them singing your song.  That's when you know you've touched someone's heart.

The tour was a great opportunity to meet new people and gain new fans and friends.  I met a radio personality that may feature me on the radio and I even did an interview with a magazine in Nashville!  Looks like the word is getting out!  :)

Now I'm back home planning my next tour.  This time I want to travel along the east coast and possibly stopping in Canada for a show or two!  I've already got contacts there and we're making plans for that.  So if you know of any Natural Hair groups or venues on the east coast that I would be a good fit for, please help me line it up.  I'm planning to travel in early October 2013.  You can contact me @ for details.

To bopping to the beat...