Music & Mane a Hairspiration

Hello Beauts! It’s another Hairspiration Friday and today we have an explosive combination of mane and music. Enjoy!


Hi Anitra. Tell us about you!

I was born in New Orleans.  I’m a wife, a sister, a follower of Christ and a pescatarian.  I love to read mystery novels and watch movies in my spare time.  My favorite kind of movies are the super hero movies.  I also like to cook and recently started jogging again.  My all-time passion in life is making music!

Have you been natural all your life? If no, when did you go back to your kinks?

I transitioned to being natural in 2010 after being fed up with spending too much money and time with relaxers.

Tell us about your mane. Describe your hair in your own words. Does he/she/it have a name?  Read on...

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