Anitra Jay presents…

Curls Night Out (The Crown & Glory Tour)

Acoustic Soul Singer-Songwriter, Anitra Jay offers a very special event for natural hair meet-ups and groups which provides a unique way to experience the joy of natural hair together.

As a woman with natural hair herself, Anitra loves getting together with other naturals and appreciates the importance of supporting one another with education, product samples, and encouragement through building community and strong relationships. That is why she created the Crown & Glory Tour, a project where Anitra travels to natural hair meet-up groups or get-togethers around the country to share an intimate live performance of songs from her album, ‘Crown and Glory’.

Each event is called “Curls Night Out” (or something similar) and is planned together with the leader of the group. Anitra brings her instruments, her PA system if needed, as well as product samples (while supplies last), her special edition, handmade ‘Crown and Glory’ albums and facilitates a program especially geared to encourage and promote community among the group.  The event includes a meet & greet, an album giveaway, a live performance by Anitra Jay, and free product samples (while supplies last) to attendees.  The group leader sometimes will make the event their own by including a speaker or talk, trivia, door prizes or any other features as well.  Over all “Curls Night Out” is a unique and fun event that incorporates a LIVE CONCERT into the love of natural hair.

See What Others Are Saying:

        “It was a pleasure to meet you and it was awesome to have you perform at Curlfest 2014. Your professionalism from our initial phone conversation to your fabulous performance during the expo and at the after party was that of a seasoned veteran, pure class. Your music gave the expo that special feel that blended well with the natural hair theme. And we look forward to hearing big things from you in the near future.”   — Donna Benton | CurlFest Orlando

        “Your performance at the Natural Star Natural Hair Expo in Charlotte, NC was phenomenal! The crowd absolutely loved you. The feedback was great.”  — K. Wiggins | Natural Star Media

Want to Book a ‘Curls Night Out’ event for your group?

Booking a ‘Curls Night Out’ is very simple. Anitra Jay is willing to travel to your city to host this very special evening for your group. 

Cost of ‘Curls Night Out’:

‘Curls Night Out’ is a very cost effective way to host a gathering for your group. There are several options to cover costs associated with putting this event on.  There is no set fee, however Anitra’s hope is to cover her         travel expenses (gas and lodging) plus earn an extra $150 or more for time and effort.  With that in mind, you can help achieve this by doing either of the following options.  Option 1 is to cover Anitra’s expenses by either         paying her outright, or charging a door/ticket price and have your group members cover the costs or some combination of the two. Option 2 is to offer the event for free but ask your group members for a suggested             donation which will cover the expenses. If at the end of the event, Anitra has not earned her desired amount (travel + $150 or more) please consider offering to bridge the gap. It is not required, however keep in mind that         Anitra Jay is a professional singer-songwriter and this is part of her means to earn a living. Also, if you or anyone in your group can host Anitra and her husband Rob at your home for the night, that would help out greatly         in saving lodging costs for both parties.  If you would like Anitra to provide a cost estimate for a ‘Curls Night Out’ event for your group, please let her know.

Finding a Venue:

Finding a venue is the fun part! There are many places you can host your ‘Curls Night Out’. Here is a list of ideas:

  • local coffee shop or art gallery
  • local cafe
  • Someone’s living room or backyard
  • Outdoor park shelter

If you would like to be hands off and just show up at the event, Anitra has no problem handling finding the location as well as setting up the invitations/flyers, ticketing logistics, as well as the overall logistics of the event.          It would help if you can offer some suggestions of local places in your area that Anitra can start with, but your involvement in the planning of the event is strictly up to your discretion and comfort level.  Anitra can facilitate         the event from start to finish or you can do it yourself, it’s totally up to you.

Ready to Schedule your event?

If you are ready to move forward with scheduling a ‘Curls Night Out’ event for your group, contact Anitra direct at 586-330-9183 or email her at Please have a few dates in mind of when you want the         event to be. Your date options should be at least 3 months in advance so that Anitra can have time to find a venue if needed or set up other gigs in route to help optimize her time and costs.