Update to Tiny House Hunters Air Date

Tiny House Hunters UPDATE - The air date for Anitra's Tiny House Hunters episode has been changed. It is now scheduled for Mon May 1 at 9/8c on HGTV. Check your local listings for correct time and channel. 

Check out a description of Anitra and Rob's Tiny House episode here.


Anitra Jay to Appear on HGTV's Tiny House Hunters

Get ready to watch Anitra Jay on TV! Monday May 8, HGTV will air Rob and Anitra's Tiny House Hunters Episode. Go on the Tiny House Hunting journey with them as they pick a model to build their house.  Check your local listings to confirm a time. It airs Monday May 8 on HGTV at 9/8 Central!

Spring comes with a Move to Memphis

4/1/2016 - Memphis, TN Singer-Songwriter Anitra Jay moves to home of the blues.

After about a year and a half of performing and touring out of Nashville, TN, Anitra Jay makes a move to Memphis - home of blues.  Jay's move comes at the start of Spring 2016 as she embarks on a brand new project involving her new album as well as a personal non-music related project.  

"I think as artists, we can't stay in the same place for too long. I enjoy moving around the country seeing different sites and meeting different people. It helps with consistent flow of creativity as well as building meaningful relationships with people all over the country," says Jay.

Her balanced, earthy sound speaks to that way of thinking with songs like 'It's a New Day' and 'Shortcuts & Wolves' from her upcoming album "Work in Progress." She hopes that this move to Memphis will help refresh older relationships stemming from her previous time living there as well as spark new musings infusing the Bluff City's blues culture into her next album.  Although she doesn't plan to stay permanently, she hopes to get involved in the local music scene attending open mics and shows of local artists as much as possible.  Her first show in Memphis since moving will be on Friday, April 15, 2016 at a Marriage Retreat hosted by the Local Church Developers Network.  Find out the details at:  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/marriage-enrichment-retreat-registration-21460461819?utm_source=eb_email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=order_confirmation_email&utm_term=eventname&ref=eemailordconf

Anitra Jay is a R&B/Soul singer-songwriter based in Memphis, TN.  As a native of New Orleans, Anitra showcases roots in Jazz, Soul, and Gospel.  With a musical style often compared to India.Arie and Chrisette Michele, Anitra Jay offers a sweet down-to-earth blend of soul and poetry with modern sensibilities.  Her personality and expert improvisational skills set her performances square between the raw edge of improv comedy and sultry soaked soul.  She effortlessly combines soul-catching melodies with tales of real life experiences wrought with motivational messages that leave the listener entertained, inspired, and ready to take on the world - a combination that garnered her the 2013 Nomination for Best Singer-Songwriter with the Charlotte Music Awards.  She is currently working on her fourth album, a whimsical take on life called "Work in Progress."  

To find out more about Anitra Jay visit her website at http://www.anitrajay.com.



Texas Tour Announced

JUST ANNOUNCED...Anitra is going to Texas!

Nashville-based Acoustic Soul singer/songwriter, Anitra Jay recently announced an all Texas Tour which will commence with a show in Houston on July 30 at Beans Cafe.  This tour marks the first time Anitra will perform in popular Texas cities including Austin, Galveston, San Antonio, Amarillo, in addition to Houston.  

Throughout this Texas tour, Anitra will be performing songs from her upcoming album, 'Work in Progress,' a collection of sultry tunes themed after the pursuit of growth!  Each song is a personal story about learning and maturing in step with limitations, challenges, and road blocks presented in life.  

Anitra's shows are intimate, warm and full of character.  Her seamless interaction with audiences make every show experience unique and one-of-a-kind.  Anitra's haunting sultry voice will "stick with you for months to come" says one fan.  She induces memorable experiences by uniquely involving her audience in an improvisational dialogue and song during every live performance.

Anitra is slated to perform at Beans Cafe (Houston) Thursday July 30, Mod Coffee (Galveston) Friday July 31, Tyku Wine Lounge & Bar (Killeen) Saturday Aug 1, Lucky Lounge (Austin) Sunday Aug 2, Fralo's Art of Pizza (San Antonio) Monday Aug 3, and ending the tour with a show at The 806 Lounge (Amarillo) Thursday August 6.  For more information visit www.anitrajay.com/shows.



Anitra Jay launches all new Independent Artist Website

Anitra Jay just launched an all new website dedicated to encouraging and advising aspiring artists in their musical journey.  The new website, aptly called, The Crafty Musician, seeks to build community among independent artists to share experiences, lessons learned and to promote camaraderie.  Click here to visit the website.


"I wanted to create a safe place where independent artists can come together, encourage one another and bounce ideas around with each other.  The articles are written based on my personal experience, lessons learned, and humor," says Jay!

Check out more from Anitra as she talks about her vision in this video:

Off the Clef with Anitra Jay, May 2015 Edition. Anitra shares some exciting news, plus she answers questions from fans and does Caption This!

Feb 2015 Off The Clef Show Available Now

Watch the latest version of the all new Off The Clef with Anitra Jay show.  

Off the Clef with Anitra Jay FEB 2015 Edition. Hear Anitra's Take on the Sam Smith/Tom Petty and Kanye West/Beck fiascos, plus find out who wins the Feb Off The Clef Giveaway, get a sneak peek into Anitra's newest song and more. Watch here for a behind the scenes out-take of singer-songwriter Anitra Jay based in Nashville, TN. 

For free music each month and to sign up for the giveaway, join Anitra's VIP List at http://eepurl.com/cQsEI.

The 'Caption This' segment of this episode is sponsored by Natural Beauty. Visit their online store at:https://www.facebook.com/accentuatebe...

EXCEL Hosts 1st Variety Lunchtime Show with Anitra Jay

The University Center Palo Duro Lounge at University of Texas - Arlington was filled with the rhythm and blues tunes and famous covers performed by Anitra Jay. Her husband, Rob Schultz, joined as the percussionist.


EXCEL Campus Activities hosted its Afternoon Variety Showcase on Tuesday.

Jay is a singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tenn., and is from New Orleans. She writes her own music that varies between R&B, jazz, blues and Christian songs, and she also performs covers from famous musicians.

In 2011, she released her self-produced debut album Keep the Faith. In 2012, she released her second full-length album Genesis, and was nominated for the Charlotte Music Awards Best Singer/Songwriter for 2013.

Jay’s current project, Work in Progress, is set to release this spring.

Tuesday’s concert started a few minutes later than the scheduled time and started with the song “Red Shoes.” The song was about finding your groove and being true to yourself. Jay played various songs, including “Black Mane,” from her recent album, and a cover of “I Need a Dollar.”


Official Music Video Just Released

Just Released, Anitra Jay's Official Music Video - "It's A Way of Life."  This song is a story about living life naturally free with curls, curves, and all.  The song is from Anitra Jay's album, "Crown & Glory," released in May of 2014.  Anitra's idea behind writing this song comes from the notion that everyone is made uniquely and brilliantly.  

"There's not just one size or shape or hair style ruling the day.  Variety is what makes the human race so beautiful and that includes black girls and curls," says Jay.

"It's a Way of Life" is a bold statement offering concepts completely contradicting today's standards of beauty.  While fashion dictates trends that come and go, "It's a Way of Life" says being true to self is a lifetime pursuit that is much more than just a trend.  It's a way of life.

Check out the new music video below!

The official video for 'It's a Way of Life' by Nashville Singer-Songwriter Anitra Jay from her album, Crown & Glory. One of her many songs about natural hair, she wrote it to declare that it's not a fade, but a lifestyle!

Get your copy of "Crown & Glory today on Anitra's Official Store.

Anitra Jay to Perform at Book Launch in Charlotte

Rayn Newson Meet Me at Lush Launch at Mugs Coffee Features Special Live Music Performance by Anitra Jay

Charlotte Author Rayn Newson to launch second book, Meet Me at Lush with a very special musical performance by artist, Anitra Jay at Mugs Coffee Charlotte on Sunday, Feb 15 at 3pm

January 15, 2015 - Charlotte, NC  – Join author Rayn Newson as she signs her latest book, Meet Me at Lush on Sunday, February 15 at Mugs Coffee 5126 Park Rd, Charlotte, NC. Meet Me at Lush will make it’s debut alongside a very special LIVE performance featuring R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Anitra Jay.

The novel, Meet Me at Lush is a blend of fictional events, mimicking real life situations; dealing with matters of the heart, success, diversity, adversity, the night life and last but not least... fashion.  

“It’s the perfect page turner for the trendsetting busy woman.  Many women will relate to the main characters, Rebecca Ellis and Tiffany Caldwell (the co-founders of Cover the Girls Boutique) on cascading levels of love and life,” says Newson.

The title, Meet Me at Lush stems from the name of a lounge that Rebecca, Tiffany and an array of other professionals frequent after work. On any given day, a Lush patron has the honor of networking with like-minded persons during their business "mix & mingle" sessions, relish in LIVE performances by indie artists, have the ability to stop in for their weekly dose of spoken word, attend well-advertised charitable events at Lush and anything in between depending upon the day of the week.                                     

However, the crowd is definitely in for a treat when Nashville-based R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Anitra Jay who started out in Charlotte holds a public listening party for the first time at Lush.

Although the book is fictional, Newson draws from elements of reality that we individually may view as possible or even plausible in everyday life.

During the launch celebration, the ever so talented Anitra Jay who is a real live character guest in the novel, Meet Me at Lush will grace the audience with her musical performance just as she did for the Listening Party at Lush.

Book Launch Celebration attendees must purchase a ticket at http://www.mmal.eventbrite.com which will serve as a voucher to enjoy the show and a signed copy of Meet Me at Lush (1 copy/ticket). Reserve now and apply coupon code: ListeningParty to enable a promotional offer. All pre-ordered copies will be signed, sealed and ready to deliver in your hand directly from the author.  There will be giveaways and it is a family-friendly event. Nevertheless, to participate in the prize drawings and witness the performance by Anitra Jay come early, the seats will fill up fast. This event will also be an opportunity to connect with R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Anitra Jay & Rayn Newson, author behind the music and writing.

For more information on this event, or for a schedule of upcoming events visit http://www.authorRNewson.com or email raynnewson@hotmail.com.


Rayn Newson was born in Huntsville, Alabama shortly after moved to Cleveland, Ohio were she and her sister, Rahgie Leland were raised in a single parent household by their mother, Gwen Jarvis. After graduating from John Marshall High School, Rayn relocated to Beckley, West Virginia to attend Mountain State University. She then obtained an Associate of Science Degree in Paralegal Studies, Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Studies and later earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.During this season, her goal is to blossom as a self-published author, travel and just simply relish in the importance of spending quality time with her loved ones.  Mrs. Newson is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated and Rotary Club International. She also donates a lot of her time and talents serving the community through her affiliations and individually.

Special Announcement: New Album in the Works

Special Announcement

New Album in the Works

Anitra Jay is currently working on her fourth album, titled "Work in Progress."  The name of this project may seem generic, but it comes with a very special meaning that covers multiple facets.  In late 2013, Anitra Jay envisioned a monthly challenge that would stretch her song-writing muscles to produce at least one some a month.  In addition, these songs were purposed to provide a constant flow of new music to her VIP Members.  The challenge was called, the Free Song a Month (FSAM) Project.  Feedback on the songs for the project was massive!  Songs from the project were requested at live performances and audience members began asking for downloads.  

What started out as a simple challenge became the premise for a new project based solely on a movement that would not be completed until the end of the year - hence "Work in Progress."  Not only does the project take on the literal meaning, but it also highlights an overarching theme explored in many of the songs from the project such as "Shortcuts & Wolves" - a song about learning from past detrimental mistakes.  Additionally, the new album can be curated as the sequel to "Genesis," a previous album covering the concept of fresh starts.  With "Work in Progress" being a sequel to "Genesis," it draws a brilliant contrast between a seed germinating at its genesis and the sprouts from that seed breaking ground as a work in progress.

"As a songwriter, I'm always creating.  It made perfect sense to give that process a name and let my fans be involved in it.  That's how FSAM was born.  It wasn't until a third of the way through the year, when it occurred to me that this was my next album," says Anitra Jay.

"Work in Progress" is scheduled to release in the Spring of 2015.  Full songs from "Work in Progress" can be streamed on Anitra's SoundCloud page (http://www.soundcloud.com/anitra-jay.

New Texas Tour Announced

June 28 – Charlotte, NC Anitra Jay to Tour Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

This summer you can watch Anitra Jay perform live in Texas as she commences her Texas tour July 17 starting with a first-time show in Jackson, MS at the Soul Wired Cafe (111 Millsaps).   

If you ask Anitra where home is, she might say on the road.  Her time is most spent traveling to cities across the east coast, south and even the mid-west in the near future.  

"My passion these days involves sharing music and the love of Christ with people while on the road.  I enjoy meeting new people and forging relationships with people near and far," says Anitra.

This summer will be a great opportunity to do just that.  With several house concerts and an expo in Fort Worth, TX, she's got a week full of music stops along the way:

Thurs July 17 7PM:  Jackson, MS Soul Wired Cafe
Fri July 18 7PM:  Shreveport, LA Naked Bean 
Sat July 19:  Fort Worth, TX Fit Fro Expo
Sun July 20:  Eureka Springs, Ak House Concert
Mon July 22:  Memphis, TN House Concert
Tues July 23:  Memphis, TN House Concert

For full details visit Anitra Jay's Tour Schedule.

Anitra Jay is a R&B/Soul singer-songwriter based in Charlotte, NC.  With roots in Jazz, Soul, and Gospel, the songstress showcases an energetic mix of head bopping grooves, spoken word, and musical story telling. Inspired by a range of artists from Bill Withers to Erykah Badu, her music brings a down-to-earth blend of neo-soul, poetry, and soul-catching melodies.  Anitra Jay is currently touring in support of her newest album, "Crown & Glory."  Her tours mainly consist of Listening Parties put on by fans.  If you are interested in booking Anitra for a hassle-free, no-obligation Listening Party, click here.

Digital Version of "Crown & Glory" Now Available

Charlotte, NC based R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter, Anitra Jay has just released her new album, "Crown & Glory," a 5-Song EP about natural hair.  

This album is an extremely unique, never-been-done-before project undertaken to share music about natural hair.  The songs - written, performed, and produced by Anitra Jay, cover topics about living life as a black woman with natural hair in this society.  With songs like "Beautiful Mane," "It's a Way of Life," and "Who I Am," the album explores how beauty, confidence, and self-esteem can be associated with being natural, whether that is wearing one's hair naturally or anything else that exemplifies natural beauty.

The story behind the album starts when Anitra Jay was just a young girl. She was convinced that getting a relaxer and having long straight hair would make her look pretty and fit in with everybody else.  As an adult she has learned that this concept couldn't be further from the truth.  Beauty and confidence comes from within. One day she decided to cut off all her relaxed hair and grow it back naturally and has never looked back.  Now she shares her story through song and prose in her latest album, "Crown & Glory."  

The album runs about $7 and can be purchased digitally on BandCamp.  Physical copies of the album can be purchased in Anitra's online store.

About Anitra Jay

Anitra Jay is a R&B/Soul singer-songwriter based in Charlotte, NC.  With roots in Jazz, Soul, and Gospel, the songstress showcases an energetic mix of head bopping grooves, spoken word, and musical story telling. Inspired by a range of artists from Bill Withers to Erykah Badu, her music brings a down-to-earth blend of neo-soul, poetry, and soul-catching melodies.  Anitra was recently nominated for Best Singer-songwriter of 2013 with the Charlotte Music Awards and has recently released her third studio album, "Crown & Glory" - a concept project all about the beauty of Natural Hair.  

Anitra Jay to Showcase at the 2014 Regional NACA Conference

Just announced, Anitra Jay will be showcasing at the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional Showcase for the National Association for Campus Activities.  

After being reviewed among hundreds of submissions, the selection committee decided to bring Anitra Jay to the highly coveted event.  This is a very unique opportunity.  Artists showcasing for this event will have the chance to show their talents to hundreds of colleges in the North for future college booking opportunities.  

The showcase will take place on the weekend of March 21 in E Stroudsburg, PA.   

Congratulations Anitra Jay!

Pre-Orders NOW OPEN for the new album "Crown & Glory"

Charlotte based R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Anitra Jay is making history as she sets out to do something that's never been done before:  recording an entire album dedicated to the love and beauty of natural hair.

Anitra Jay is hard at work in the studio laying down tracks for her newest album, "Crown & Glory."  This 5-Song EP is a huge celebration of natural hair in a way that has never been done before.  "Crown & Glory" is the first album dedicated to natural hair.  There are many songs on the market today but no one has taken the helm at pinning natural hair as a concept for an entire project.  

"I started my journey of natural hair over 3 years ago, but I always knew what we really needed as a community was an anthem to help build up confidence when you have those days where you're just not feeling it," says Anitra Jay.

Anitra Jay first set out to create a Natural Hair themed anthem with her Single "The Natural Hair Song," released in 2011.  Jay says she is ready to further that mission with "Crown & Glory."

The album includes a re-mix of the Single "The Natural Hair Song," as well as other titles such as "Assumptions," "Crown and Glory," "Beautiful Mane," and "It's a Way of Life."  To preview some of these tracks visit:  https://soundcloud.com/anitra-jay/sets/preview-songs-from-crown-glory or press play below.

 Pre-Orders are available in Anitra Jay's Official Online Store (http://anitrajay.storenvy.com/products/4407979-crown-glory).  Pre-Orders are only $7 and customers will receive a SPECIAL EDITION AUTOGRAPHED COPY of the album, plus a special gift from Anitra Jay.

For more information visit Anitra Jay's website at www.anitrajay.com.

New Online Store is Open

Just in time for the holidays, Anitra Jay's new online store is open!  Get t-shirts, music, pick earrings, bundles and more.  Anitra Jay is currently working on even more t-shirt designs to add to the collection which will be updated in the store in the new year.  Check it out, here and Happy Holidays.

Anitra Jay on Tour in 2013

Anitra Jay's 9-8-7 Tour is booked.   

Charlotte based R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Anitra Jay Comes is bringing her sultry vocals to the east coast for a week long tour she aptly calls The 9-8-7 Tour.  She will travel up and down the east coast tour for 9 days, performing 8 shows, in 7 states.  Visiting cities like Baltimore, D.C., Boston and Lynchburg, Brooklyn, and more.  The tour also includes an online show broadcasting live from the home of a relative found on Ancestry.com. 

Listeners will experience “a soulful journey through love, faith, reality, and imagination." Anitra Jay takes audiences through an eclectic mix of pop, soul, jazz, and gospel, incorporating rhythmic poetry inspired by Anitra’s life experiences and travels.

The Charlotte Music Awards Best Singer-Songwriter of 2013 Nominee is described as a purveyor of inspiration as she traverses genres and defies boundaries. A multi-talented artist in both spoken word and music, her shows are filled with powerful vocals, sing alongs, and foot stomping grooves. 

In 2011, Anitra Jay released her self-published debut album titled, “Keep the Faith,” a 12 track project chronicling a musical conversation about life’s battles and triumphs. A year later she released her sophomore album, “Genesis,” saluting a fresh start in relationships, careers, and self-confidence. The positive message conveyed in her music garnered the attention of Pride Magazine, a Charlotte periodical which featured her song “On a Dime and a Dream,” in an article about hope and inspiration. 

Concerts with Anitra Jay always include improvisation and exciting interplay between her and the audience epitomizing what great live music is all about. 

For more information about the tour visit the official 9-8-7 event page.

To hear Anitra Jay’s music or for more information about her go to www.anitrajay.com.

Anitra Jay's YouTube Video Muted!

Anitra's Acoustic Cover of "Summer Breeze" by Seals & Croft was "MUTED" by YouTube.

Find out why here.

***UPDATE*** As of October of 2013, the video audio holdings have been released!  You can now see the video in its original format.

Anitra Jay Charlotte, North Carolina based R&B/Soul Singer : Interpretation of Summer Breeze by Seals & Croft. Cover.