Anitra's Appearance on Tiny House Hunters

The Tiny House Hunters episode featuring Anitra & Rob aired on Monday, May 1, 2017. The episode  showcases Anitra Jay's music as her and Rob start their Tiny House journey. Rob wants something modern and industrial, while Anitra is looking for something with a cabin, rustic feel.  With two very different tastes, it's going to be tough deciding which model to choose. Take a look at the episode and tell us, which one would you choose?

Original Air Date: Monday: May 1, 2017.
Songs Featured on the Episode:
1. Natural Girl (from the Crown & Glory Album)
2. Shortcuts & Wolves (from the new album, 'Work in Progress' Coming out late 2017)

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Interview on TMV Cafe Online Radio Show

I met a radio host (Kenny) from TMV Cafe Online Radio in Lexington, KY last year. He came to a performance I was doing at Talon Winery. After the show, Kenny introduced himself and said he loved the show. He mentioned he wanted to interview me on his radio show and less than a year later here is my interview. It's about 15 minutes. Sit back, listen after a long day's work. We discuss a lot of high level thoughts about my journey and how I got started. Let me know what you think.

iHeart Radio Debut with Ishkara Sounds

While networking on Twitter, I met this lovely lady who happens to host an online radio show debuting independent artists from all over the world.  She asked me if I was interested in being debuted on her show, and I was honored to participate.  

The show is a 20-minute introduction to my music to new listeners. I'm excited to share this show with you.  Click here to listen to the show.

Anitra Jay debuts LIVE Entertainment at Aiken County's Farmers Market

Nashville soul singer Anitra Jay will perform Saturday at the Aiken County Farmers Market.


Jay, an R&B and soul singer-songwriter, will perform from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Farmers Market, 115 Williamsburg St. Jay, a native of New Orleans, offers a sweet “down-to-earth” blend of soul and poetry, according to a press release.

Nominated in 2013 for the best singer-songwriter at the Charlotte Music Awards, Jay now is working on her fourth album.  More...


Anitra Jay's Not-So-Heavy Crown

Crown's spare sound is something like the lost tapes of an unvarnished India.Arie, with its acoustic guitar and hand claps.

For a period of six months in 2010, going to a restaurant, sitting in the coffee shop or browsing at the grocery store were all unsettling experiences for singer-songwriter Anitra Jay. She had just done the "big chop," cutting off a lifetime's length of silky, chemically straightened locks in order to get acquainted with her own natural hair, and the introduction was going a bit rocky.

Anytime strangers whispered or giggled, she wondered if they were laughing at her. "I wondered, 'Do they think I'm a dude?'" she recalls. Fat chance, with her slim build and high cheekbones, but she took to wearing a full face of makeup and oversized earrings to compensate for barely there curls. It's not like she wasn't getting affirmation at home. Her husband and bandmate, Rob Schultz, was very supportive.

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Tressume: Anitra Jay on Aphrodite Kinks


Anitra Jay is an R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter currently based in Charlotte, NC. Her music is a mix of Soul, Pop, Gospel, & Poetry. Her work is nspired by life’s joys and struggles and she hopes to share encouragement and empowerment with the world through music. She is natural and feels so passionate about it, that she wrote an album about being natural called “Crown & Glory!” She wrote the songs to help encourage and strengthen our natural hair community about beauty and self-image.

How long have you been natural? 
I’ve been natural for about 4 years!

Did you transition or do the Big Chop?

I BIG CHOPPED! I didn’t want to wait while transitioning. I was so anxious to see what my hair looked like under all that straightness.

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Music & Mane a Hairspiration

Hello Beauts! It’s another Hairspiration Friday and today we have an explosive combination of mane and music. Enjoy!


Hi Anitra. Tell us about you!

I was born in New Orleans.  I’m a wife, a sister, a follower of Christ and a pescatarian.  I love to read mystery novels and watch movies in my spare time.  My favorite kind of movies are the super hero movies.  I also like to cook and recently started jogging again.  My all-time passion in life is making music!

Have you been natural all your life? If no, when did you go back to your kinks?

I transitioned to being natural in 2010 after being fed up with spending too much money and time with relaxers.

Tell us about your mane. Describe your hair in your own words. Does he/she/it have a name?  Read on...

Interview on I'm a Natural Chick

Tell me who is Anitra Jay?

I’m first and foremost a follower of Christ. I share the love of Jesus through music. I’m a pescetarian who loves her some green smoothies.  I’m natural and loving the freedom of being natural.

When did you first realize that you had a knack for singing and playing instruments?

My Mom put me in our church choir when I was very young. That’s where I learned the basics of singing and songwriting. I bought my first guitar in 2005, and it was then that I realized I might have fun entertaining others. I remember bringing my guitar into the office where I worked and playing a song for my boss. The next day he came to work with an amp, a microphone, and a mic stand. It was his way of telling me to go for it. That was the first time someone other than a family member demonstrated belief in me. I think that moment was the catalyst for bringing on who I am today and who I will be in the future.

How was it growing up in New Orleans with such a blend of musical history and how did it contribute to who you are?

Growing up in New Orleans, music was a part of everything. They paraded in the streets with a second line band even for funerals. It was and still is the culture there to include music in every aspect of life. As a child I was saturated in it. Jazz, Blues, and Gospel were the big three growing up and they are the roots of my music to this day.

What do you consider as your own individual sound?

I call it Organically, head-bopping acoustic soul. It’s the kind of music that gets into your soul and doesn’t leave. It makes your head bop to the beat without you even realizing it. It’s a blend of blues-y pop with a hint of poetry.

With the release of your next album which focuses more on the Natural beauty of African American Women and their Hair. What made you want to release an album centered around this topic?

The idea for Crown & Glory came out of my own journey with natural hair. I’ve been natural for going on 4 years now and it has changed my overall approach to life in areas of self-esteem, confidence, self-image, making healthy choices physically and emotionally, and even style/fashion. After speaking with other women who are on similar journeys they have all experienced these same things. Naturally as a singer-songwriter I found myself writing songs about it. And that’s how the album Crown & Glory came about. I’m really excited, because this has never been done before and I hope it will be a source of encouragement and inspiration for others on the natural hair journey and those considering it. The album comes out in May of 2014.

If you could say one thing to someone who is struggling with making the decision to go natural and has not taken the plunge. What would you say?

Natural hair is not permanent! Just give it a shot. Commit to a year and see what happens. There are so many benefits to being natural, the most beneficial part of it all is not subjecting yourself to harmful products. Secondly, it might help you get to know yourself even more and teach you how to unleash your best beauty.

Where else could we find you online?

You can find me on my website: or on Facebook, Write something on my wall, I promise I will write back!  I’m also on Twitter,

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Energetic Singer Launches Concert Series

On Jan. 11, Anitra Jay, an R&B/soul singer-songwriter, warmed the audience at Charles Mack Citizen Center. The energetic performer kicked off the winter season of the 2013-14 Mooresville Concert Series.

While the Joe V. Knox Auditorium filled with adults and teens, 13 young girls from the Winnie L. Hooper Center claimed front row seats.

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Her voice was mesmerizing...

Friday night Young Harris College (YHC) was serenaded by the sounds of R&B/ Neo Soul artist Anitra Jay. After an opening by YHC gospel choir, Generation X, Jay and her husband Rob took the stage. Before evening introducing herself she complimented the performance by the gospel choir saying, “Ya’ll sound wonderful!”  Read more.

Middle Tennessee Music with Anitra Jay

We’re pleased to offer this interview with +Anitra Jay on the AITP online festival, music, New Orleans and … well let’s let her tell it in her own words. I do want to say that it was very interesting that literally seconds after I watched a video of Gene Simmons standing up for Tim Tebow, I read about Anitra and her passion for the same sort of thing and I get to share it with you.

Tony Camm - Hot 103.9

The girl is good!  If you haven't heard of her, you should look her up.  She's got that India.Arie feel going for her.  Tony Camm Hot 103.9

Black Women in Music...

June is Black Music Month!  To celebrate, each week this month, FCG will highlight a lesser known fabulous black woman in music. This week, it’s all about Anitra Jay.  Read more...

A Natural Inspiration...

I was so excited this week to have singer Anitra Jay answer the Natural Inspiration questions.  Read on how she takes care of her hair and get your  free download of her music! - Read more...

Charlotte's Own Rising Star...PRIDE Magazine

Known by her fans as Anitra Jay (, this 30-year-old, neo-soul singer currently shares her music at coffee shops in Dilworth, art galleries in the South End, and at house concerts/private parties, weddings and nursing homes. Some of her musical influences include India Arie, Jill Scott, Bill Withers, Lauryn Hill and Stevie Wonder, but it’s clear she has her own organic sound.  Read more...