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What is Work in Progress?

Work in Progress is my declaration and confession that I’m not perfect. It’s a state of being which embraces my flaws and failures as learning experiences. It’s a commitment to face the reality of imperfection instead of pretending perfection. “Through Your Eyes,” you might see just a young lady. But, I’ve been through ups and downs, learned a lot, and I’m still learning. Things, people, places, situations “Fade Away,” but yet “I’m Still Here.” I no longer look for “Shortcuts & Wolves” are denied access in my space. “Can We Talk” about problems and challenges? I commit to not complain about challenges, but to “Do Something” about them. Instead of “Missing Every Day” worrying about what might happen, I’m living in the here and now. I used to navigate through life as a “Flower on the Wall,” letting things dominate me rather than me taking my rightful authority. I could swear toxic beings used to pick up on my scent like a “Hound Dog,” but I’ve figured out how to transform into something else. Instead of a victim, I’m a warrior! And I’ll keep fighting “Til the Walls Come Down.” I’m a Warrior Lady and I’m ready to put “My Red Shoes” on and dance, even if it has to be “In The Rain.” It’s “A New Day” and the “Fire” is kindling in me to become the best me I can be.


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In 2016 we embarked on a journey that completely changed the scope of our lives. We built a tiny house! In the span of 4 months, which felt like a lifetime, we learned how to build an entire home and so much more about ourselves in the process. My upcoming album, 'Work in Progress' includes two chapters. Songs from before the building of our Tiny House and songs from after. Things were so different during these two time frames much like the roller coaster of our lives in general. With this album you'll see a lot of growth in song structure, style, and vocals compared to my previous work. I hope you will continue to be encouraged from my music and stick with me on this journey. 

This 14-track full length album is Anitra’s fourth studio album scheduled for an upcoming release by the end of the year. Songs are focused on real life experiences; some good and some bad. Whether you’re 20 or 80, we all are on a path to knowledge, wisdom, and growth. This album is a musical exploration of what this path entails combining a mixture of pop and soul with a hint of jazz. Here are a few songs from the album. For a full list of songs click here.

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Be a Work in Progress

Since we all are a Work in Progress, we all have a stake in this experience. I want to invite you to come along with me on this Work in Progress journey by sharing your Work in Progress statement. It could be anything like “I’ve learned to choose my battles. I’m a Work in Progress,” or maybe you are still in high school and your Work in Progress is “I’m graduating in 2 years. I’m a Work in Progress.” Share your Work in Progress statement below. If I like it, I’ll shout out yours in the Work in Progress Fan tribute song that will be on the album!