Appearance on Eureka Springs, AR Tourism Commercial

As we tour throughout the year, one of our yearly routes includes Eureka Springs in Ar. We’ve met a lot of wonderful people in Eureka Springs and we’re so happy to have supportive venues there that host us each year. This past year we were approached by a film company about possibly being a part of the 2018-2019 Official Eureka Springs commercial.

I was more than excited to participate of course. Edward, the videographer attended my show at Brews in downtown Eureka Springs and filmed some footage from our set. Take a look at the commercial below. But don’t blink, or you might miss me.

I remember that night well.

We were on stage having a good time, dancing and singing. The audience was really getting into the music too! Edward did a lot of filming inside and outside. You’ll see in the commercial that the footage he shot from outside through the window was included.

I’m super thankful to be included in this beautiful promotion for Eureka Springs. Special thanks to Edward of White Phoenix Films for thinking of me.

Take a look at our upcoming shows here to see when we’ll be in the area next.

Anitra JayComment