Anitra Jay Announces Street Art Music Series on YouTube

Anitra Jay announces a brand new video music series that pays homage to artists across the globe starting with a focus on street artists in Houston. The hallmark of this music series is a strong focus on Houston's random art murals as a backdrop to Anitra performing live. These recordings tell a story about Houston's rich artsy culture and how art provides some of the building blocks to community. 

"Since moving to Houston in 2016, I've been wowed by the town's artsy vibe. You will see random art murals by just driving around the city. I couldn't wait to capture these gems as the focal point of this music series," says Anitra Jay.


The Street Art Music Series will help launch Anitra's new music that will appear on her upcoming album, 'Work in Progress.' The album covers topics such as making smarter choices in life, identifying toxic people/behaviors and making positive changes in relationships with yourself, others, and with God.

This series is a part of Anitra's effort to release more content for fans and independent music lovers across all social media platforms. In addition, to the Street Art Music Series, Anitra plans to create additional lifestyle and behind the scenes thoughts with another series titled, A Minor Rant With Anitra Jay where she speaks about whatever is on her mind.

The latest Street Art Music Series episode features street art from the Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark and Anitra's song, 'Through Your Eyes.' Watch the full video below...

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In addition, don't forget to check out Anitra Jay's blog! You'll find even more thoughts, musings, bloopers, and behind the scenes outtakes from an artist's perspective. As a part of the Street Art Music Series, Anitra 'paints' the full picture of each episode over on her blog. For example, check out an in-depth behind the scenes exploration after the filming of 'Through Your Eyes' here.

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