Official Music Video Just Released

Just Released, Anitra Jay's Official Music Video - "It's A Way of Life."  This song is a story about living life naturally free with curls, curves, and all.  The song is from Anitra Jay's album, "Crown & Glory," released in May of 2014.  Anitra's idea behind writing this song comes from the notion that everyone is made uniquely and brilliantly.  

"There's not just one size or shape or hair style ruling the day.  Variety is what makes the human race so beautiful and that includes black girls and curls," says Jay.

"It's a Way of Life" is a bold statement offering concepts completely contradicting today's standards of beauty.  While fashion dictates trends that come and go, "It's a Way of Life" says being true to self is a lifetime pursuit that is much more than just a trend.  It's a way of life.

Check out the new music video below!

The official video for 'It's a Way of Life' by Nashville Singer-Songwriter Anitra Jay from her album, Crown & Glory. One of her many songs about natural hair, she wrote it to declare that it's not a fade, but a lifestyle!

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