Special Announcement: New Album in the Works

Special Announcement

New Album in the Works

Anitra Jay is currently working on her fourth album, titled "Work in Progress."  The name of this project may seem generic, but it comes with a very special meaning that covers multiple facets.  In late 2013, Anitra Jay envisioned a monthly challenge that would stretch her song-writing muscles to produce at least one some a month.  In addition, these songs were purposed to provide a constant flow of new music to her VIP Members.  The challenge was called, the Free Song a Month (FSAM) Project.  Feedback on the songs for the project was massive!  Songs from the project were requested at live performances and audience members began asking for downloads.  

What started out as a simple challenge became the premise for a new project based solely on a movement that would not be completed until the end of the year - hence "Work in Progress."  Not only does the project take on the literal meaning, but it also highlights an overarching theme explored in many of the songs from the project such as "Shortcuts & Wolves" - a song about learning from past detrimental mistakes.  Additionally, the new album can be curated as the sequel to "Genesis," a previous album covering the concept of fresh starts.  With "Work in Progress" being a sequel to "Genesis," it draws a brilliant contrast between a seed germinating at its genesis and the sprouts from that seed breaking ground as a work in progress.

"As a songwriter, I'm always creating.  It made perfect sense to give that process a name and let my fans be involved in it.  That's how FSAM was born.  It wasn't until a third of the way through the year, when it occurred to me that this was my next album," says Anitra Jay.

"Work in Progress" is scheduled to release in the Spring of 2015.  Full songs from "Work in Progress" can be streamed on Anitra's SoundCloud page (http://www.soundcloud.com/anitra-jay.

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