Anitra Jay Announces New Album, "Crown & Glory"

R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter, Anitra Jay releases new album, Crown & Glory Spring 2014

Special Announcement, Charlotte, NC based R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter, Anitra Jay will be releasing a new album in the Spring of 2014.  "Crown & Glory" is an EP all about the beauty of natural hair.  Anitra Jay has been wearing her hair chemical free for over 3 years.  Her journey started with wanting to live healthy and avoid hair maintenance expenses.  Ultimately, her story turned into one of triumph, growth in self-esteem, and lasting friendships with other curlies.  With songs like "It's a Way of Life," and "Crown & Glory," she dares to communicate to society that being yourself is perfectly beautiful as opposed to what magazines and other forms of media dictate.  The album also includes a remix of her popular song "The Natural Hair Song" featuring Original Soul, a hip-hop artist out of Dallas, TX.  

Crown & Glory is set to release in the Spring of 2014. Sign up to the mailing list for updates on pre-sales, perks, and other goodies.

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