Free til' the Walls Come Down

Ever wonder what it means to be free? For Americans, what does ‘land of the free’ really mean? There are freedoms that we still don’t have. Furthermore, that saying takes on a different meaning for me being a person of color in America. My ancestors weren’t free when they arrived here and it’s taken us a long time to arrive where we are today. Although we’re not in chains, there’s still a long way to go on the path to freedom. Immigrants are being detained at our borders and mistreated with all kinds of cruelty, according to reports, because they’re trying to come over to the land of the free. People are being shot and killed in our streets by law enforcement with minimal accountability. The way we live on our own land is governed by code enforcement and zoning laws. The people we vote into congress get to make policy on vital things like health insurance, abortion, civil rights issues, and more without our consent. Umm, what’s freedom again?

May I submit that there might be an entity seeking to oppress us all and it uses things like corrupt government, apostate church, dysfunctional family systems, misguidance in our schools, depraved entertainment, unfair financial systems, and so forth to bind us in chains? Does it feel like our world is pressing down on us from all sides so much so that we, many times, feel like we can’t breathe? I’m convinced that fighting that in the natural is a losing battle. It is in the spirit where we gain our freedom. It’s a spiritual battle and when we take control with our God-given power and authority over these forces, then we can receive true freedom.

That’s where this song comes from and it has been a work in progress to see this revelation and apply it in my daily walk. Watch and listen to me perform ‘Free til’ the Walls Come Down’ below…

Say I’m a hopeless seed
Try and plant me but nothing grows
and I’m oppressed.
Lies from the enemy got me so confused 
I get to hating myself

In and out of my life 
deep down inside.
You take my joy.
I just needed to feel,
just needed to heal.

Fool me once shame on you,
Fool me twice shame on me.
If I can’t run what am I to do
In my mind I’ll never be free til’ the walls come down.

In life I’m on a journey
baptized by the fire 
of purity and gold 
and I came out and I 
say I’m not a waste
I’ve had the chance to taste…

The fruit and I dazed amazed
I felt that joy!
I just needed to feel,
just needed to heal.

Anitra JayComment