A Ribbon Cutting in Cedar Park, TX


As I tune my guitar getting ready for this unique event, I’m thinking how did I get such an amazing job?

It was a welcome reception put on by the Cedar Park Medical Center in honor of a new doctor joining the staff in the Austin, TX area. We drove out from Houston that same day for about 3 hours, set up our equipment and got to doing our thing. It was almost surreal as I looked out in the crowd of people socializing, mingling, and munching on the decadent food items on display.

I wondered what it was like being in the crowd. I wondered what everyone thought of our music. We were asked to play quietly, so I wasn't even sure if people heard us. In total, I think about 50 maybe 75 people were there altogether. It’s hard to say because people were coming and going. I really enjoyed two little boys who were dancing and had formed their own little mosh pit right in front of us. When their Mom packed them up and put them in the car to leave, I was sad to see them go. I complained to Rob that our entertainment was leaving.

The event lasted two hours. As quickly as it started, it was over just as fast. I really enjoy performing for people in a business setting such as this. It’s not everyday you have a live performance at your office. It creates an interesting layer of flare to a routine atmosphere. Personally, I like being able to share a bit of universal goodness that music always seems to bring in an office environment, because it boosts the overall mood, staff morale, livens up the place, and creates a very unique experience.

Thanks so much, Anitra! It was wonderful meeting you and Rob and your music is so uplifting! I will reach out regarding other events in the future.
— Laura Balla, RN | Director of Marketing

If you’re interested in adding a bit of flare via live music to your upcoming event, get in touch. We are reliable, affordable, and bring a great show!

-Special thanks to Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce for providing the great photos!

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