How to Enjoy Yourself Without Drinking Alcohol and The Keke Palmer

Here we are playing at Bent Oak Winery in Austin, TX

Here we are playing at Bent Oak Winery in Austin, TX

We do a lot of shows in bars and wineries day after day; night after night. In those bars people are drinking, kekeing and having a good ol’ time. We often get offered drinks by the patrons, by the bartenders, and by the venues. It happens a lot! But I don’t do a whole lot of drinking. I may have one drink per week if any. I do enjoy a glass of wine here and there, but the alcohol is another story. If I get too much of it in my system, honestly things start visiting at night - no joke!

My take on alcohol is that it really does house spiritual entities in a spiritual sense. But interestingly enough, strong liquor is indeed called spirits in physical reality. A brief study on why liquor is called spirits reveals that the term ‘spirit’ comes from the process of distilling alcohol into a “vapor” and bringing it back down as a purer liquid form of the substance. In spiritual terms, a vapor is considered a spirit which is what lives inside of our bodies - a spirit, or a breath. Remember how God breathed into the body of Adam and he became alive? The same idea is applied to alcohol in the natural sense because the vapor that comes out of the base substance is then liquified and consumed. It can get really deep, but I’ve had enough of my own supernatural experiences when drinking, to understand that there is more to it than simple semantics.

At any rate, I don’t indulge (too much) in alcohol for such personal reasons, plus too much of it hinders my ability to perform with precision and attention. People have no idea all the things I’m paying attention to or addressing while performing. It can be quite complex. Perhaps I’ll make a post about that someday.

So this has really piqued my interest in the mocktail and the idea of enjoying yourself without influence from alcohol. I came up with my own non-alcoholic drink. I’m calling it the KeKe Palmer. The KeKe Palmer is a mocktail or non-alcoholic beverage that has a bit of sweetness and a lot of funk. Here’s the recipe:

  • 1 cup of Water

  • 1 few drops of Honey

  • Lemon music from 1 slice of lemon or lime

  • Ice cubes

  • A few drops of Grenadine

  • Seltzer Water or Club Soda

  • Sprigs of Mint leaves (for garnish)

  • Add a little bit of cayenne pepper if you can hang

Shake the water, honey, lemon and ice in the shaker. Put a few cubes of ice in a long skinny glass. Strain the water/honey mixture over the ice into the glass. Garnish it with the grenadine, a little bit of club soda, the mint leaves, and oooweee the cayenne pepper to spice things up a bit! This is a very refreshing and tasty drink without the alcohol! It’s especially cool for me because the honey helps to coat my vocals. I’ll try to take a snap shot of this drink the next time I have it made. It is oh so good!

It’s the Keke Palmer because the girl is real! She’s been acting since she was a child (reference to the non-alcoholic aspect of the drink). She’s spunky and she speaks with a lot of conviction.

The Key To Having a Good Time Is…

I believe we as human beings are the master of our own domains. Nothing enters our space without our permission. Equally, we have the ability to change our own moods. The power of the mind and spirit is much stronger than anything physical! If only we knew that and practiced accessing it and harnessing it, boy would our lives change drastically. We don’t need an external substance to validate a good time or bring about a sense of euphoria and peace. We have the power to generate this in our own spirits. Having a good time is about so much more than our surroundings or what we’re drinking. Having a good time is about knowing who we are inside and outside and being okay with that. It’s about resolving ourselves to peace internally and externally. It’s about getting into a pattern of rejecting the problems and stress that try to weigh us down. Trust, they will definitely try. It’s about being fully present in the here and now.

There are so many great mocktails you can explore. Here are 36 other mocktail recipes. What’s your favorite non-alcoholic beverage? And how do you have a wholesome good time without using alcohol or drugs?

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