Songs from the Work in Progress Album


Because this album has taken me over 4 years to complete, you likely have heard a lot of the songs that are on the album before. Whether in a live setting or through my Free Song a Month project I was doing for a while for my Inner Circle Members. Either way, this album helps to make these songs official, in my mind at least. :)

Also because of the timing of production, Work in Progress is a full album with 14 songs and possibly a bonus track dedication to my supporters. Here are the 14 songs that will be on the upcoming Work in Progress Album.

Through Your Eyes
Fade Away
I’m Still Here
Shortcuts & Wolves
Can We Talk
Do Something
Missing Every Day
Flower on the Wall
Hound Dog
Til the Walls Come Down
My Red Shoes
In The Rain
A New Day

Some of the songs have links to videos or audio files so you can see/listen to the songs for a nice sampling and overview of the album. I have had a really good time curating these songs for this album. Over the course of several years I’ve been working on many songs. As you can probably guess some made it to the album and some songs went by the wayside.

My hope is that people listening to the album will get inspiration and empowerment to fight for their lives, for freedom, to take their rightful authority. I believe that each one of us were given personal power and influence. However, with the trials of life, our upbringing, and life situations we end up having our power stolen or destroyed by various means. One sure way to identify this phenomenon in your own life is to look for bad situations that keep happening over and over again. It means that this is an area of your life that you still need to conquer. The situation continues to happen because you haven’t learned how to be victorious over it. I’m here to tell you that you can beat it and you can win. As long as we are alive we can take back our power. People do that in many different ways.

I am a follower of Christ, and I know not everyone subscribes to this faith, but if you do or want to try the Messiah for yourself and see how you can gain your power and freedom from bondage in him, click here.

Regardless what your personal beliefs are, this album touches on many different life situations and patterns that we all go through. Click here to learn more about Work in Progress.