Eureka! Performing in Rogers and Eureka Springs, AR


A cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something is the definition of 'eureka'. And that's exactly what it's like being in Eureka Springs. It's a gem in the middle of the mountains and it makes all of your problems go away.

Our time in Arkansas was truly phenomenal. We went there for a quick little weekend getaway and did two shows in the area. The drive there was about 10 hours but it was so worth the trip. Plus, who doesn't like a good road trip, especially the scenery the Ozarks have to offer...

The first show was at Brick Street Brews in Rogers, AR. Situated in a quaint spot on the main street there in Rogers, Brick Street Brews has something for everyone. I just love their #tinystage! Click here to see a snippet of us performing there.


It was a full house at Brick Street Brews!

In between shows, we dazzled (camped) on the river. We finally got our camper, 'Poppy,' up and running so we took him with us on the road and that's our little home away from home. We got a cozy spot on the bank of the river in Beaver and enjoyed every bit of it. It was just so serene and relaxing.

Here's a quick video tour of our little hideaway cove...

Our next stop was Brews in Downtown Eureka Springs, AR. It was definitely a night to remember. Boy was that a night to remember. It was another packed house over in Eureka Springs. We performed for 3 hours at Brews, but the time passed by so quickly! It was a big party. I did the audience improv song where I make up a song on the spot with audience participation. It was a hoot!

brews copy

The people had a great time and I've got the messages to prove it. Check out what Brews had to say in the photo above. Plus, the audience signed my guest book and had some really encouraging messages to share.


I don't think I could have asked for a better time. We'll be back in the area in October! See the schedule for details.