How to Support Indie Music

It doesn't take a lot of money to offer your support to your favorite indie artist. In some cases, it doesn't cost you anything. We're looking to get our music to as many people as possible. We don't have the man power and funding of a record label, so indie artists rely on a hands on approach at the grassroots level. That includes people like you, our amazing supporters who encourage us, root for us, and cheer us on.  We need your actionable help both online and off. You can do things like:

  • Share our music with others. I have a Soundcloud account here where you can share a song directly to your social media. It only takes a few seconds. It would also help if you mentioned something about the song or how you met me to give it a personal touch.
  • I have free download cards too that I can send you, just send me your address and I'll mail them to you so you can give them away to your friends.
  • Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
  • Host a house show. Enjoy a night of live music in the comfort of your own house with your friends and family at the cost of whatever you want to donate. It's a win-win for everyone. Click here to learn more about it and to schedule a house show with me.
  • Just come out and see me perform live! It won't cost nearly as much as going to see a mainstream artist, and it will be more intimate, more fulfilling. Plus, I promise to make sure you have a good time.  Here is a link to my show schedule.

I created this infographic to share these ideas and a few more on how to support independent music. Supporting independent music is like supporting your local Mom and Pop shop in your community. Out of convenience, we've been duped into supporting big box corporations and mainstream businesses which takes the money and power out of our communities and our hands into the hands of the 1%. After a while those little independent shops go away and we're left with large corporations controlling our economies. When you support mainstream artists more than you do local independent artists, we end up quitting or not putting out as much music, or not doing as many shows because there's no support. Supporting independent music is good for the community and the economy.


Whether you have just a few minutes or just a few dollars your investment of support will not go in vain. Every minute or dollar you spend supporting independent music is extremely important to us and it's an investment you're making into the community.  We thank you for your support! And if you can share a song with a friend who needs to hear something encouraging or a song relating to their circumstance why not do it with music from an independent artist? Also, if you are making any videos online on YouTube for example, see if we'll let you use our music! I'm pretty sure any one of us would be honored and it puts a dollar in our pocket as well through royalties.

Share this with others and spread the word. You matter and you're making a difference.