What I Write About

Someone asked me a while back what I write about.  I was a little taken back by the question because I had never looked at my song inventory in that way before.  I really didn't know how to answer the question, but it was a good one. Each artist has a base that they write from. This base is constructed by their character, what drives them, their fears, their faith, their upbringing, and so much more. My base is typically my own experiences and the experiences of people close around me. I write for healing and therapy for my own self. Whether it's whimsical, a deep hurt, a place of confusion, or joy my writing comes out of whatever I happen to be moving through at that time. It helps me to cope with things in a much more mature way.  My hope is that once the material gets out into the world, it will be as therapeutic for you as it is for me.

For example, here is a song I wrote about Hurricane Katrina. Being from New Orleans and having evacuated the day before the hurricane hit, I have a first hand knowledge of what it's like to be caught up in a whirlwind of confusion and uncertainty.  This song captures my experiences facing the threat of a hurricane  while growing up in New Orleans. It is sad and heartbreaking to think of all the lives and homes lost due to this disaster, but all we can do is try our best to move on. This song is a part of that healing process for me. Others who have faced similar circumstances will be able to relate to this in their own way as well.

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Also, I will say that my writing comes in spurts.  I could write 10 songs in a given month, and another month I could write nothing.  My creativity comes in cycles.  When I'm not in a flowing cycle, I tend to use that time to rest and recharge.  Throughout this process I've learned not to force anything. Everything happens when it is supposed to happen.  Everything has a balance.  All in all, the balance of life can be tricky, but that's what we are here for to learn and pass on the knowledge we learn through our legacy.  I hope that my music will be a part of my legacy for generations and generations to come.  After all, that's what being an artist is all about.