My Show at Crown Station Pub in Charlotte, NC

This past weekend Rob and I traveled to Charlotte, NC for a very unique show where we performed with a violinist and a bassist.  We call it, Anitra Jay & The Rebellion!  It's a new concept that was very well received by our fans in Charlotte. About 30 people came, which is not bad for a Friday night competing with Janet Jackson (who performed at the same time on the same night as me)!  The audience danced, they were engaged and they interacted with me and the band during the entire show.  One fan said she was blown away by the quality of the music and the interactive experience.

I put together VIP bags for advanced ticket purchase holders.  It was a limited amount and we sold out of those.  I wish I had made more!  The gift was a Rebel gift bag which contained a very important piece of the "rebel's" attire, the bow tie!  You can see the band wearing it in the picture below!



All in all we had a great turnout and the night was truly magical!  We didn't have Janet Jackson, but what we did have was a good time and lots of memories!  Thank you Charlotte and I can't wait to see you again.

How to Be a Rebel VIP Gift Bags

Anitra Jay & The Rebellion

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