My Show at Three Layers Cafe in Jacksonville, FL

threeLayers_AUG2015D We just got back from a trip to Florida and boy was it amazing!  One of the shows we did was at a decadently fresh wine bar and cafe called Three Layers!  We performed there on a not-too-hot August Friday night.  The soul was flowing like a floodgate that night and people kept pouring in all through the night.

We had a fantastic time and I think we showed our guests an even better time.  All in all it was a very magical night.  About 30-40 people showed up.  You can see in the pictures below,  we had a packed house.  Strangers had to share tables in order to be seated.   But that's okay because it made for an even more intimate experience.  Everyone was engaged and people were introducing themselves to one another.  At one point perfect strangers were dancing and singing to each other.  Wink wink, to Venus the Goddess and Pete from Australia!  I even gave a shout out to Jerry, the barista (who was awesome by the way) and mentioned how much I like Three Layers' delicious Jeff's Squares and people came up and bought some for themselves.


So many people came up afterward and were almost in tears about how deep the experience was.  A couple ladies said they felt honored to have been there and we made them feel really special.  They wanted to know when we'll be coming back.  For me this is where music really makes an impact, when people are so moved they are in tears and afterward when they tell you about their experience.
I was the one who was honored to have so many people support independent music in that way is truly a gift that I don't take lightly.


Thanks Jacksonville, for a wonderful time.  And a super special shout out to Ray and his friends for making it a party as well as my new friends from Real Rootz Naturalz Jacksonville, FL (thank you for my wonderful gift!).
I can't wait to see you again.