10 Ways to Awaken Your Inner Artist Part II

This is Part II and the conclusion of the article written last week about awakening the inner artist in you.  To read Part I, click here. 6.  Learn to feel feelings.  In many ways people and experiences incorrectly encourage the suppression of feelings. Sometimes guilt and fear can drive us to disregard our true feelings without giving them a chance to evolve.  Feelings is one of the building blocks of art.  If you don’t allow yourself to experience them, you are inadvertently blocking your own ability to create.  Let your feelings happen. If you need to cry, then cry.  If you need to be angry, then be angry.  This does a few things for you.  It aids in the processing and releasing of feelings.  If processed in a healthy way, this can also filter out negativity and make room for more positive things to come your way.  Plus, it’s great fuel for your art

7.  Challenge yourself.  Think about what you like.  Then challenge yourself to create it.  Do you like music? Create your own.  Do you like photography? Start taking pictures.  Force yourself to go through the creative process. It will encourage you in pursuing your art as a lifestyle.

8.  Hang out with other creative types.  There’s an old saying that goes like this:  “Birds of a feather flock together.”  This is often used to discourage children from hanging with the wrong crowd.  But it can also have the reverse effect. When you surround yourself with people who are actively pursuing creativity, it will eventually rub off on you.

9.  Create a space for your art.  Select a physical spot to produce art.  It can be a chair on your porch or a hideaway in the backyard.  It can be anything and anywhere as long as you make it yours.  Carve out time to be there and do something artful in that space everyday.  This will condition your mind to be ready and welcome creativity every time you are there.  Before you know it, you will be craving that space because this is where you will be most open to experiencing inspiration and receiving creative revelation.

10.  And finally, confront your fear.  Do something to shock your system.  Are you afraid of heights, go rock climbing.  Are you afraid of water?  Go swimming.  Show yourself that you can overcome what you are afraid of.   Fear is the number one factor keeping us away from our artistry.  As an artist, you are at your most vulnerable because you are presenting your deepest feelings, desires and thoughts for the world to see.  It is a scary place, but it is there you will be the most fulfilled.

Each of us is an artist.  Art can be anything from drawing to making yoga mats.  The concept behind art is simply to create.  Your thoughts, feelings, and desires are the building blocks of art. Don’t be afraid to use these to promote creative expression in your life.  It may not be as great as Beethoven or Picasso, but it’s yours!  The steps above can help you unblock creative flow and will awaken the inner artist in you.  Give it a shot!

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