Soul Music in Nashville

Since moving to Nashville, there is one question I've gotten asked a lot that I never expected.  As a singer-songwriter providing soul in Nashville, I thought people would automatically make the connection and make sense of it, but oddly enough most people ask me, "Why Nashville?" Nashville is not just about country music anymore. Mostly all genres exist in Nashville.  Sure, the big obvious one is COUNTRY.  But other forms of music thrive in Music City, U.S.A including Gospel, Rock, New Age, and even Punk.

My answer is:  Yes. Soul music in Nashville. It does exist. :)

Here are several reasons why: 1. Soul Sundays at The 5 Spot.  This goes down every 2nd and 4th Sundays in hip East Nashville at The 5 Spot.  Bringing soulful local and national acts to the heart of organic art and community of East Nashville.  It's alive, it's raw and a very popular spot for soul music lovers in Nashville.

2.  Lovenoise.  The company that brings you Soul Sundays at The 5 Spot, also produces bigger shows throughout Nashville successfully continuing a tradition of soul in Nashville, TN.  Acts such as Marsha Ambrosius, Anthony David, and Anthony Hamilton have graced the LoveNoise stage.  Visit the link to see their upcoming schedule.

3.  Nashville to House Soul of Black Music Roots.  The city of Nashville is making plans to open the National Museum of African American Music.  Most people don't know that soul music has history in Nashville.  Although Nashville is typically known for its country music scene, it could be argued that "Nashville's original 'Music row' was Jefferson Street, which until the 1970s was a vibrant corridor of live music venues where iconic musicians like Little Richard and Jimi Hendrix built their careers and where local legends like Frank Howard, Jimmy Church and Marion James earned a living" (Nate Rau, The [Nashville] Tennessean).

4. B.B. Kings - Nashville. Check out The B.B. King’s Blues Club All-Star Band at B.B. Kings. As house band of B.B. King’s Blues Club, these guys know how to jam. This group is the most talented collection of musicians in the Mid-South. The band is found weekly on our stage playing rhythm and blues favorites with emphasis on Memphis music, as well as a variety of other styles including soul, pop and classic rock.

5.  My Top 5 List of artists who provide Blues, R&B and Soul in Nashville.

Update: I moved to Houston!  I am no longer based in Nashville, but I wanted to give you this short list of other artists who are that I think you'll love!

Sarah Clanton Jason Eskridge Kira Small Etta Britt

If you're looking for someone to perform at a private function, I'm willing to travel.  I'm a bluesy soul singer/songwriter who plays guitar accompanied by my hubby on hand drums. Together we can bring you a mix of soul music, improv comedy, and fun you'll never forget!  I'm not too far away, and I'm always looking for a chance to come to Nashville.  Check out my website or send me an e-mail for booking.

6.  Check out the Nashville Blues Society.

7.  Listen to Soul of the City Radio Show WXNA 101.5 Nashville. This radio show is currently hosted by Erica on Thursdays from 4-6. You can tune in live on 101.5 radio in Nashville, but you can also listen to the live streaming version here. Erica interviews local artists on her show, and she also shares concert calendars, gig dates, and event related to soul music in Nashville.  It's a great way to get the underground scoop of everything soul in the Music City! Listen to previous episodes here. I recently had the pleasure of sharing my music live for an in-studio on air interview. I'm hoping to get the audio for it soon. Stay tuned...

There you have it folks.  If you're looking for Soul, Blues, R&B in Nashville, check out these sources.  You won't go wrong.