Make Sure You Stand Out

As part of my Crown & Glory album journey, I host Hairspiration Tuesdays.  Every Tuesday in the month of February I interview an inspirational woman in business who also happens to be a naturalista.  This week it is my honored pleasure to present Danielle Bress, owner of Off Tha Cuff Designs.  Danielle is a jewelry designer and she comes up with the most elegant and unique designs I've ever seen!  My favorite item of hers are the earrings that say "Natural N Fly."  You may catch me wearing them on stage some day real soon.  Read on about how she became natural and her quest to find her niche.  It might take a while to find what works best for you.  But when you do, the world better look out. Everyone, let me introduce you to, Danielle...

What made you decide to go natural?

I just wanted to see what my real natural hair was like, I had a relaxer at the age of 6.  I was not sure I would stick with it, but here I am 3 years and some months later going strong!

When did you do it?  How did you do it? Around October 2010.  I big chopped into a short style, but I was having it straightened.  My stylist at the time did not know much about dealing with natural hair, I ended up with bad heat damage so I grew it out with braids for a while and cut the straight ends.

In what ways has being natural impacted your life? I would love to say I save money, but in reality I really don’t LOL.  There is always a new product or toy I want to buy to try out.  It does allow for more versatility, I can do so much with it and my curls are not lifeless as they were with a relaxer.  I change my hair often, being natural allows me to do a variety of things without all the chemicals.

What is the inspiration behind Off Tha Cuff Designs? I was missing an outlet at the time it started, I was all over the place trying to find my niche.  A friend of mine was very instrumental in motivating me to move forward with jewelry.  As a child I was very crafty, I make jewelry for my grandmother and aunt all the time, it came back so naturally like it was meant to be.

What is your favorite Off Tha Cuff Designs product and why? I would have to say the glitter Africa earrings.  It’s just not something you typically see, I like to be a little different.

Danielle Bress, Owner - Off Tha Cuff Designs

What advice would you share with other women looking to start a business? Find your niche and perfect your craft.  There will be others that do what you do, make sure you stand out!

You can find Danielle's designs on her website at:  She is also a sponsor for this month's "Crown & Glory Sweepstakes."  Each week in the month of February three lucky winners will receive a special edition hand-crafted copy of the album, free tickets to the CD Release Party, and a box full of natural hair gifts including a pair of earrings from Off The Cuff Designs.  To enter your name into the sweepstakes, send an e-mail with your first and last name and physical mailing address to or visit the Official Sweepstakes Page.

Crown & Glory is an EP about natural hair.  It is a musical diary about being natural.  The album is set to be released in the Spring of 2014.  To listen to demos and to find out more about the album, click here.