Happy New Year

Well hello 2014!  And Happy New Year to everyone else in the world.  In the words of my fav talk show host Wendy Williams, "How You Doin'? It's a brand new year and a new season.  I've got so much stuff coming down the pipes for this new year I feel like I'm about to burst at the seams.  For one, there's the new album "Crown & Glory."  It's my 5-Song EP homage to natural hair.  There will be lots of curls and lots of dancing when this album is finally released in March/April of 2014.  Listen to, preview and pre-order the album here.

New EP coming Spring 2014, "Crown & Glory" by Anitra Jay

Number 2: Rob and I will be traveling a lot more this year to colleges, festivals, and Marriage Ministries across the US.  We've developed a brand new series titled "Making Music in Your Marriage."  In my very simplified way to explain the concept, it's a concert and marriage seminar all wrapped in one.  We are currently in the process of becoming Certified Marriage Mentors and plan to share tools to a happy marriage through song.  Check it out here.

Number 3:  We're going to Europe!  The details are still being ironed out, but if everything lines up, we will be embarking on a voyage to Europe later this year to share our music with our neighbors across the pond.  Whoa!!!!  I've never been to Europe so this is going to be quite interesting for me.  However, Rob is a veteran Europe-goer, so I know I'll be in great hands.  Want to help out?  I really hope so because we are crowd-funding for this trip and I'd really love your support.  Even if it's only just $2, every bit helps.  To share the love, click here.

Number 4:  Free Song a Month.  If you're on my VIP List you will receive a free new and original song by me every month.  One of my goals this year is to record more and write more.  I plan on doing more songwriting to develop as an artist and well I'd have to share it with you of course!  Ready?  Are you on the list?  Here's how to join.

Number 5:  New Artist Development Services.  My goal this year is to help other artists hone their craft and find their way.  If you know of anyone needing guidance, send them my way.  Here is a list of services I offer to musicians.  Rob and I have a host of other graphic design and production services to offer as well but not just for artists!  Click here to learn more about Design Mojo.

There's a lot more too, but this article is long enough.  Stick with me...