My 9-8-7 Tour Recap (Part 1)

Anitra Jay at Goodbye Blue Monday - Brooklyn, NY After being back home for a week to rejuvenate, I must say the tour was absolutely amazing!  There are so many stories and experiences that we can share, I might have to write it in more than one part.  In fact I think I might even do a series.  :)

First, I compiled a list of the Top 10 Lessons Learned while on tour on the East Coast:

1.  While driving around in Boston, even with a GPS, you will get lost.

2.  If you do happen to find your destination, parking will be a nightmare.  It's best to get familiar with public transit or catch a cab.

3.  It costs $13 to drive across the Washington Bridge going into NYC.

4.  I'm not participating in any competitions.

5.  Super 8 Motels are hit and miss.  It's best to stay clear of them.

6.  New York is a massive state stretching over as much as 6 hours in driving distance.  There's far more to the state of New York than just NYC.

7.  If you sense that there is something weird in the air, it probably is something weird in the air.

8.  How to "city walk" - Walk fast and act like you know where you're going.

9.  In NYC, the streets are so bad, that they have to have drive-in tire shops every other block to repair tires.

10.  As a performer, it's not about how many people are in your audience, it's about connecting with your audience.  This one deserves more attention.  I have been knowing this all along, but the concept became more real to me while on tour.  There were times we were playing in front of 100 and there were times we were performing to an audience of 6.  The best show didn't necessarily have the most people, though.  It was the one where the audience was the most engaged and connected.  That's when the real show begins.  It's always good to have bodies in seats for sure, especially when it comes to venues such as bars and restaurants where their profits comes from bar sales.  But when they do show up in droves, you have to be able to engage them or else they will leave.

Check back for more details and video footage to come...