Don't forget to wear your red shoes

Red Shoes"My Red Shoes" is a song I wrote a few years ago about finding your mojo.  If you follow this blog you'll remember that I've shared my inner thoughts about this song before.  The running joke was that I never actually owned red shoes.  You see in the song, the red shoes carry more of a symbolic meaning.  It was more about "getting your sexy back" than the actual shoes.  The sexy is already in us, but sometimes we need a tangible item that we can wear and put on to help remind us of the fact that we're beautiful or handsome (if you're a guy). The problem is that symbolism only goes so far.  That's what happened in the case of performing "My Red Shoes" live. Every time I perform the song I get asked the question - "So why didn't you wear your red shoes?"  Well if you're on stage singing about some red shoes to a groovy beat it's only natural for audience members to glance down at your feet looking for the red shoes.  Ultimately singing about red shoes without actually wearing them can leave something to be desired.  So I took my butt over to the mall and bought some.

This entire situation has taught me a valuable lesson.  One that will stick with me for my entire career.  That lesson is to constantly strive to embody the whole character.  Whether you're preparing a presentation for a boss, or if you're an actor, or if you're going on a date.  Take the extra step to make yourself stand out to your audience and give them something to behold.  In my case, I'm not just in the business of singing.  I'm in the business of entertaining.  This is something that goes way beyond getting the chords and lyrics right.  It's about giving them something more...

Sometimes we forget to go the extra mile because we're so wrapped up in the technicals, you know dotting the i's and crossing the t's.  But how much better would it be if we could not only dot the i's and cross the t's but also incite feelings, thoughts, emotions and things of that nature that they can take home.  How awesome would it be to erupt and blow them away.  It can be as simple as wearing your red shoes!