Poetic License

This week I'll be recording "Genesis," the first track on the album, which actually happens to be spoken word.  This is my first real attempt at being a spoken word artist.  I've watched people perform spoken word before and it is so riveting to see and feel all the emotions and triumph.  I'd never thought that one day I would take the stage to do something like that.  I'm a bit nervous and a bit excited all at the same time.

This track will set the stage for the album as it derives it's name from the title of the album.  It explains what my genesis is and the purpose for the entire album.  I've been working on this poem for almost a year now and I'm happy to say that I just finished it last night.

To give you a sneak peak, here are a few of the stanzas:


This is a new birth

Walking in a new day

Taking steps with clarity of vision as my

Eyes no longer see colors of gray


What once was is dead

and now alive I’m on display

Anxieties and worry

On Him these burdens I lay

favor and anointing a flowing oil

shining through me like a sun ray

No longer do I live nor love living

in a web, a tangled, lonely, god-forsaken mess of disarray

There's a lot more to it than that, but just to give you a hint of my genesis and what to look forward to once the album is released.  What's your genesis?