Top 10 Reasons to Support the Genesis Project

I'm making a new album and I'm so excited about it.  It's my greatest pleasure to write and produce my inner most thoughts into a cohesive musical story on CD.  But, did you know that an average CD can cost upwards of $5,000 and even more depending on the level of need?  That's huge.  What a lot of musicians are doing these days is something called fan-funding.  It's when you offer unique and personal incentives to your fans in exchange for their donation to your music project.  Often times this approach is accompanied with pre-sales, in which you can buy a cd or digital release before it's available to the public.  Consequently, I've decided to try it out.   My fundraising goal is $2,000 to help supplement the costs of production.  It's called the Genesis Project. So without further ado, here is a list of TOP 10 Reasons why you should support the Genesis Project:

#10 - Because your dollars directly support independent music.

#9 - Because you can create a unique experience with me, the artist.

#8 - Because you will play a major role in producing a music album.

#7 - Because depending on your donation level, you could get the entire digital album before it is released.

#6 - Because even at the smallest level ($2), you will help in my mission to share Jesus' message of salvation to others.

#5 - Because it just feels good to help someone else.

#4 - Because you will support an artist who makes powerful and uplifting music.

#3 - Because your piggy bank could stand to lose a few pounds.

#2 - Because, you will become an Anitra Jay superfan.

And finally, the ultimate reason why you should support the Genesis Project is because:

When you plant a seed, you reap the crops.

To donate to the Genesis Project, click here.


Don't have the cash, no worries!  You can still help out by spreading the word.  One of the things you can do to help spread the word is head over to my facebook page, and share a track with your friends.

Happy planting...