Back from Vacay

I'm back from the beach! And boy did we have a wonderful time. We went to a place called the OuterBanks of North Carolina. It's a series of islands along the coast. Apparently, it's a BIG tourist destination. They have miles and miles and miles of beach. We went horseback riding along the beach and we also went kayaking in the Alligator River, and yes there were alligators. We saw at least two.


But, I'm back, I'm a few shades darker, and ready to get back in the studio for a new song, "Road of Love." This song came to me as I witnessed a good friend experience the joys and woes of dating. Her situation ultimately became a woe vs. a joy. Have you ever been in that awkward stage where you think you're dating someone, and you finally reach the point where it's time to share your feelings and hopefully move to the next level - exclusiveness? Well, that's where she was. She put it all out there all for him to say, "I don't feel the same way." WHAT?????


One thing led to another and "Road of Love" was born. I'll try to share studio pics next week.