My Red Shoes

Well, I'm currently recording "My Red Shoes."  :)  The music is laid and now we're working on the vocals.  I don't know what possessed me to write a song about my red shoes, when I still don't own a pair??? It's not really about red shoes though.  It's about finding your inner fire.  Sometimes we lose it through sickness, tragedies, arguments, failed endeavors or relationships.  Hey things happen, and I'm not going to try and hide the fact that it gets me down.  The red shoes are a symbol of the fire, the self-esteem, the confidence, the creativity, desire, purpose, and the driving force behind what makes us tick.  Sometimes we lose sight of that.  But we always end up finding it sooner or later.  It might be in a covered bin like the shoes I find in the song:


I found my red shoes in the covered bin

and I'm looking good, like the number ten

and I'm walking down the runway by my bed

and I'm dancing to the song in my head

in my red shoes, in my red shoes

Did you find your red shoes?