CIAA House Concert

My goal was to do one post a month at least this year and I've already failed.  :( But I'm back!

Here is a picture from my performance at a House Concert for CIAA.  I met a lot of new and exciting people!  They liked me too.  They even invited me back the next night to do it all over again!

We did two 45 minute sets, gave away a CD, and sold a bunch too. House concerts are really good for independent musicians like me because it connects the fans with the music on a personal level.  I got to make long lasting connections with almost everyone there.  And a lot of people were from out of town.

Thanks to my gracious hosts Felicia and Marilyn.  Thanks for inviting me to perform a house concert at your CIAA 2012 celebration.

If you're interested in hosting a house concert click here.