On the Local Arts Scene

I can't think of another way to support the local arts than to head over to my local art gallery and play some music for the gallery crawlers.  And this particular art gallery is extra special.  Why, because the artist that runs it has been through a great deal and lives to share that testimony through his art. Meet Edwin Gil, a very talented artist from Columbia.

Born December 11, 1971 in Itagui, Colombia, Edwin Gil is a contemporary conceptual artist best known for his vibrant colors and proprietary paint technique used to achieve depth and movement in his works.  He arrived in the U.S. 11 years ago without knowing English or having money in his pocket. After his life partner was killed in front of him in Colombia and two attempts on his life were made after a kidnapping, Edwin decided it was time to make a better life for himself elsewhere. Edwin will tell you that Art Saved His Life and in doing so, he shares his touching story of triumph, determination and success as an artist in the U.S.

Come out to see Edwin's work as he unveils the final piece of artwork for the project "Quilting Differences," an extravagant showcase of how different cultures from around the world can be connected through social media.

Friday February 3, 6-9 at the Gil Gallery (109 West Morehead Street • Charlotte, NC 28202).  Live music will be provided by yours truly starting at 7 pm.