I like being independent because...

When I tell people I'm a recording artist, performer, musician, or singer/songwriter they ask me, "oh, are you looking to get signed?"  I say no.  Why, because it's a lot more fun and rewarding if you're independent.  Here are the reasons why...


•  I'm in charge of my own paycheck, I give myself a raise whenever I feel like it

• I hire my own team

• I get 100% of my sales

• I'm my own boss

• No executives dictate when I write or what I write about

• I perform when and where I want

• I'm not bound to anyone's contract

and most importantly,

• No one owns me

So, the answer is, no.  I'm not looking to get signed.  While I commend the mainstream artists for "making it big."  I'm commited to independence.  My definition of making it big is different than fame and fortune.  I make it big, when I've touched people's hearts in a real way.  When my music encourages the person who just went through a tough break-up.  When I've inspired someone to live life according to their God-given purpose.  When I can make a true living from my art through live performances, Merch Sales, touring, teaching, and licensing as an independent artist.  Who says you need a record label for that?  That's "making it big" for me.  The music is just so much more real that way.  Don't you think?