House Concert Pics

The house concert this past weekend was Awesome.  Rob and I arrived at Petula's house early to set up our "stage" and we greeted each guest as they arrived.  We started the concert part about 15 mins. later than expected but we were able to catch up quickly.  All the guests had such a wonderful time.  Coming out of this experience (it was my first house concert ever) I have more confidence and know that I can effectively engage a crowd.  As a performer I get a little intimidated when it comes to entertaining a crowd because you never know what they're going to say or think or how they'll look.  But as long as I kept up my energy and talked it was great.  I made them feel like they were a part of the show.  At one point, I invited people to sing along with me, I taught them the song and we all sung together.  They had a blast.  I used props, my imagination, anecdote stories, meanings of songs, and other short stories.  Everyone had a blast.  I went solely off donations and album sales and I was able to take home a nice love offering.  Here are the pictures:  


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