Avenues for Inspiration

You ever hit a road block where you can't seem to generate any new ideas or creativity?  I know I have.  It happens to me all the time.  I find myself in music ruts, where I play the same chords, the same tunes, and sing about the same stuff over and over again.  New stuff just escapes me sometimes.  I know that's the case with any art.  Writing, knitting, making soap, painting, wood carving, and the list goes on.  Well, I've come up with a few ways to rejuvenate yourself and jump start your way back into the world of creativity. Review other people's art.

I go to open mics from time to time and every time I go, it gives me a new, fresh outlook on music.  Afterward, I tend to play and sing with a sense newness.  I'm sure this works in other areas of life too.  Look at other people's stuff.  Get ideas from their work.  Don't copyright infringe on their masterpieces of course, but think analytically about their concepts and ideas and how those can be implemented into your brainstorming and initial phases.

Let nature take its course.

I like to take breaks.  I like to go on weekend getaways.  I really like spending time with nature.  Have you ever just sat on a beach and listened to the waves crashing on the sand?  Things like that tend to just sweep anxieties, worry, and doubt right out of your mind.  Nature has a way of putting things into perspective like none other.  My husband and I went to Belize for a week and it was so incredibly beautiful.  That week and the following weeks after, I wrote new material and felt so new.  It's amazing how spending time with nature just turns things around in your mind.  So, go out and let nature take its course.

Learn a new technique.

Take a class.  Learn a new brush stroke method.  Go to a workshop.  Educate yourself.  There is always more to learn.  When I learn other people's songs, it almost always teaches me something new about music.  Whether it's a new chord, a new strumming pattern, or a different method of delivery there is always something new to learn.  This gives you a little more to work with.  And they always say, "a little goes a long way."