Taking over the World

"So what are we going to do today, Brain?"

"Gee, Pinky.  What do we do everyday?  We're going to take over the world!"

Remember back in the day when this cartoon came on everyday?  Brain would devise a plot to take over the world every day and every day he would fail miserably.  Pinky would help out.  In other words, mess everything up for Brain.  But, those two worked hard everyday carrying out Brain's plans to take over the world.  You always wondered if this guy would ever give up.  He never did.

Even though this cartoon is silly, it teaches you a couple valuable lessons.  Never give up.  Even though your dreams seem too big, never stop striving for it.  If it's your passion, then you must give it everything and don't stop.  Make your plots grand.  Brain's plots were always extravagant.  He would spend the whole show researching to make a machine that would suck the air out of the world or something.  But whatever he did, he did it grand.  And that's what we should do.  Think big, think outside the box.  Do your research and go for it.  If you fail, pick yourself up and try again.  Never give up!  There's always tomorrow...