Sharing Your Gifts

Over the weekend I participated in a community outreach project with the Renaissance Chruch's Church@TheLake.  We invited people from the community to eat, talk, swim, and worship God with us.  A lot of people came and a lot of people wanted to know more about Christ and wanted to get involved with the church.  It was a completely humbling experience to know that what you do (good or bad) makes a difference in the lives of others.  It's so cool to witness how much we're all connected in this world.  The things that you do and say directly affect the next person in some way.  It's so rewarding for me as a musician and performer to share my passion with others and see how much it encourages them and uplifts their spirits. In fact, it was such a rewarding experience that I've launched a challenge for myself and hopefully you will partake in this with me.

The challenge is to encourage, uplift, give to, reach out to, or inspire someone else everyday using your talents, gifts and passions.  If we all can do that just think about how rewarding and fulfilling it would be for you personally and those around you.