An Incredibly Awkwardly Awesome Show

My show last week was kinda weird and kinda great.  It was weird because I played in a leasing office for a resident function while residents were trying to carry on leasing business with the leasing consultants.  It was kinda great because it was so incredibly unconventional, intimate, and it opened my eyes about building new relationships and getting new fans.  I learned that it doesn't matter where you are, if you have something good to give and share people will enjoy it and they will take it.

At first, it didn't seem like anyone cared.  Most of the people were talking and into their own world not paying attention to the music.  I felt like the big elephant in the room that everyone tries to ignore.  It was depressing a little.  I was thinking and wondering why I wanted to do this in the first place.  The people I coordinated with that were hosting the event were not even there.  When I started my show, only three people were there who had actually come to the function itself (everyone else was taking care of business).  It looked bad, it felt bad.  I felt bad.  I felt foolish.  Then I decided to pretend like the room was full and the audience was cheering me on.  I pretended I was on stage at a large stadium with the spotlights shining on me and a band behind me.  My attitude completely changed.  In that split second I was no longer just a girl with a guitar in a leasing office.  I was no longer just singing songs for the heck of it.  I played to my dream audience as loudly and as flamboyant as I could.  Before I knew it, I was dancing and smiling.  I was rocking, I was strumming like the rock bands.  Well, not exactly.  I rocked in my own neo-soul sort of way.  But, I was a star.  And that came out of me like a bunch of blazing fiery darts.   As I looked into the audience, the real one, everyone was smiling and saying how great it was.  They were paying attention and enjoying it.  The atmosphere completely changed.  People were interested.  It was really cool.  People signed up to my mailing list.  And most of them were interested in hosting house concerts with me.  I couldn't have asked for more.   It was incredible.

My takeaway from that is to never underestimate yourself based on external environments.  Give it all you've got no matter where you are.  That is what people respond to.  Transparent, genuine, organic soul.