Step 3: Communication & Delivery

The last step to having a successful brand identity is Communication & Delivery. Everything we do communicates a message.  Our body language, our comments, the way we dress, is all a part of our communication.  In this step of the branding process, you will need to assess your act and be strategic about communicating your brand as best you can.  Your Facebook Wall is more than just a blog about you and your band.  It is an extension of your brand and a tool to communicate it.  Social applications like Facebook provide you an excellent opportunity to get involved with your fans on a more personal level.  Use it wisely to further enhance your brand.

When you are representing your brand it is crucial that everything you wear, everything you say and everything you do effectively communicates your brand.  For example, if you send a college radio campaign package to a DJ, think about how it communicates your brand.  Let's say you are an indie rock band and your specialty is throwing watermelons from the stage.  Well, figure out a way to incorporate that into your package.  Maybe you can glue watermelon seeds on the envelope and call it the (your band name here) Watermelon Kit.  Maybe you can include a picture of fans raising their hands to catch the watermelons and enclose a watermelon game and a cover letter in the shape of a watermelon.  Then you might include a DVD of your band singing your famous watermelon song  along with your fans.  You would include your CD of course and what you want the DJ to do with it.  The bottom line is, find every way to communicate your brand because it shows personality and it sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.  Our market is saturated with music, it's up to you to you to set yourself apart and win your fans.


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