Step 2: Consistency

The second step to launching a brand is simple.  It is being consistent.  Whatever you decide your brand is, be consistent with it and don't waver.  Try to match your press kit with your business cards.  And match that with your website.  If you have a logo, put it on everything, your stickers, your download cards, your Facebook, and even your merch. A good example of this is Wal-Mart.  When it comes to products, Wal-Mart's brand is Great Value.  Whenever you shop there, you can always spot the Wal-Mart brand because it has a certain look.  The letters, the coloring, and the packaging all look generally the same on every product.  That's one of the ways in which they make their brand stand out from the others.  Now of course you have other factors such as placement and pricing, but one thing is for sure.  The brand is recognizable.  That's the question you should ask yourself as a musician.

Are you recognizable?  Is your music recognizable?  Is your merch recognizable?  Do you resonate with your fanbase?  If not, then put your brand to work.  Apply it to your music, apply it to everything you produce whether it's a mug, or a single.  That way your fans will know you and remember you.  They will be able to pick you out of a crowd.  Potential fans can get to know you more easily because you have a well defined brand and you are consistent.

Another piece of advice that goes along with being consistent is this.  Be on time.  Don't show up late to your shows.  And don't get drunk at your shows.  If you promise something to your fans follow through with it.  Be professional.  There is something good to be said about musicians who are consistently reliable and professional.  They get steady business and lifetime fans.

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