The art of branding

“It’s all in presentation.” A very popular and very true phrase in all walks of life.  This phrase can apply to a first date, an interview, a culinary dish, or a research finding.

But what about a musician?

As a musician, it’s hard enough trying to keep the creative juices flowing, constantly learning new songs and even writing your own.  Let alone, it’s hard to look at yourself as a business, or a brand.  But to be successful, you have to show yourself as a success, hence your brand.  A brand is a look and a feel.  A brand is a reputation.  A brand is your image and what you invoke in a person’s thoughts when they see you or think of you.  Let’s look at Michael Jackson, for example.  His brand is the King of Pop.  The way he dressed, the way he moved, the way he spoke is all part of it.  When I think of MJ, my mind goes to the classic pose where he’s standing with his arms open and his cape is blowing from the wind beneath him while he belts a loud note.  That image is forever etched in my brain as “MJ the King of Pop.”  And that’s what a brand is.  It’s important because whenever your fans think of you or a potential fan sees you, they see your brand and they think of what your brand means to them.  If your brand is sharp and consistent, you have a better chance of winning them over for life.  That’s a pretty big deal.  So that brings me to one big question.  How do you create a brand?

For the next month or so, I will be writing a series on branding as I take a deep look at this question and answer it as best I can based on my experiences, thoughts, and what I’ve learned from others.  Additionally, my educational background is in marketing and public relations, so this segment will also take a scholarly approach to branding as it relates to the independent musician.  Stay tuned…