How I wrote "Enough"

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Surprisingly, I got this song idea from watching Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy uses music to portray feelings and moods more than any show I know. Every five minutes of watching the show you can hear a song playing in the background. One day, while watching the show, I wondered if I could write a "Grey's Anatomy" song. I pictured the scene. It was after a shift and one of the characters had just gone through a very rough day being beaten up on by an attending or a superior for doing the right thing but not doing it in a way that would make the attending/superior look good. You know how the politics are in hospitals?

Well, that's the scene and I just started putting together some chords on my guitar.

So, how do I write songs?

I usually start writing songs with the music first. I play a few bars of chord progression or a melody. If it sounds good, then I'll start humming to it. I pay attention to how the music is making me feel at that moment. And I speak what I'm feeling. In this case I sing out what I'm feeling.

For a "Grey's Anatomy" type song, I knew it had to be slow. It had to sound almost like a ballad. I imagined myself being Lexie Grey. And I started singing. It just began to flow out of me. I wrote the lyrics down, I did some editing and tweaking, and then before I knew it I had a song.

Here are the lyrics:

I'm gonna fight Do what I must Because I woke up this morning and said I've had enough

I'm gonna stand Though it is rough And these two feet I have Should be enough

I've had enough of these disappointments I've had enough of all the mistakes I've had enough of these mind games I've had enough

Oh oh, ohhhh I've had enough Oh no, Oh, Ohh I've had enough

I've had enough I've had enough I've had enough

I've had enough I've had enough I've had enough

So what did you think about my "Grey's Anatomy" song-writing process? How do you write songs?