Thank you!

Thank you for updating your subscription preferences on my VIP list. You are still in my inner circle and I wanted to share with you some of the newest things going on in my world. But first things first! Click on the button below to get your free copy of my album 'Genesis'.


New Website!

It's been a long time since I re-designed my website. It was in desperate need of a face lift. The re-design creates more of a modern, chic feel. It's a lot easier to navigate through, and it has all of my recent pictures, news, an press. Feel free to browse around and see it for yourself. 


Just Released My First Bible Study

My music is based off of Biblical principles, and I'm always in the scriptures studying and learning more about God. I'm a writer so it's not a hard transition from song writing to Bible Study writing. My first Bible Study is up. It's about breaking free from financial bondage.


New YouTube Series - Featuring Street Art + New Music

In an effort to share more thought provoking content, I've recently started a couple series on YouTube. One of which highlights the beautiful art murals spotted on random walls all over Houston. I was amazed by such beauty and I thought it would be perfect to use them as a backdrop for showcasing songs from my upcoming album. I've already released 3 episodes so far! Check them out...