EP "Crown & Glory" - Released Spring 2014

The first ever album sharing all music about natural hair!  Written, Performed, and Produced by Anitra Jay.  Recorded @ Scratch Track Studios and Mastered @ GAT3 Grammy Winning Studio in Charlotte, NC!
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Full Length Album "Genesis" - Released 2012

Take this musical journey with New Orleans native, Anitra Jay, as she explores her genesis through song. Her rich sultry vocals, fresh guitar, and use of melodic highlights generate a smooth jazzy feel with a mix of soul.

Genesis Album (Physical)
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11 Tracks Full song list - Genesis Intro, On a Dime and a Dream, I Never Knew Love, Road of Love, An Angel, Ride, I Never Knew Love, The Natural Hair Song, Proverbs 8, Every Time, All These Things, Genesis Outro

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Genesis Album (Digital)
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Full Length Album - "Keep the Faith" Released 2011
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"Work in Progress" - Full Length 12+ Tracks.  A collection of new songs from Anitra's Free Song a Month Project.  Soulful Vocals and Acoustic Meanderings about growing up, finding love, facing challenges, and learning from mistakes. (Official  Release:  Spring 2015)


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